Tiny Little Oracle


T L O Front Cover

Yellow Flowers Tiny Little Oracle has now been released.


This Tiny Little Oracle was once hand made in tiny book form with a glass rainbow disk.

It has come of age and has stepped into the future.

Check out this new app today!  Have your guidance and help on hand.

Have fun with it xx

Mary Jane Bayliss


The Oracles Journey..

The seed of the Tiny Little Oracle, began in 1993, when I made a wooden rainbow for my son Calum.

Calum age 2 making rainbow pictures

He enjoyed helping me make pictures out of the colored bows. I drew in a book, all the patterns we made and

not long after, I decided to make a set of Rainbow Cards.. 60 altogether.

Origional Rainbow Cards

Then I wrote a book to go with it.

RC Origional cover

This is the first Cover I painted…

Then a friend offered to make the designs up on the computer..

RCcelebration RCfamily

Then he helped me type the book up and  had a copy printed for me…

DSC00121  I laminated the cards and took the manuscript

to a Publisher. Whilst I was there, the manager had the book bound for me. So I have my on book set.

This Rainbow Oracle has proved itself right time and again.

I looked into publishing this set in 1994, but after a time, I realized I didn’t have the funds to do the

book and cards, properly and I was looking at at least 10,000 to get a decent amount made….  :  (

Shelved for the time being…………

So,… hence came the idea, of making a ‘small’ version of the Oracle, and after a few plays with it, created this..

DSC02053 (800x600)

Eventually, the Tiny Little Oracle evolved and I began to hand make the books and rainbow discs..

TLOracle in hand

They sold very well..

Tiny Little Oracle.psd Oracles in counter boxes

Then, my gorgeous son, Calum said to me last year, “You got to get ‘with’ it Mom, you should turn it into an app..”

“A what?” I said… knowing nothing…! Lol!

And so, I took up the challenge, got ‘with it’ and had the Tiny Little Oracle App made.

And here we are, nearly 20 years later, and we have an electronic oracle which can also fit in your pocket!

What a journey!

But well worth it!



T L O Front Cover   3

Spin the Oracle Disk twice,  the 2 colors it stops at, will appear in the circles down the bottom of the page..

   oracle pages      OGphpic

There are 35 color guidance pages, once you have picked your two colors,

press View and the Oracle goes straight to the right page.

What a journey!

But well worth it!




2 comments on “Tiny Little Oracle

  1. wow, what a beautiful story Mary, its only on and up from here…keep this journey going…love it..ive just shared it via twitter of which will link it to my FB pg…GET IT OUT THERE….love to help creative people who don’t give up on there dreams …

  2. Thank you Gypsy Rose!
    that is a lovely complement and I am honored that it has come from you.
    It is nice to see these things come to fruition. And watching my son grow along the way was amazing. He has had quite an influence on me and my creative path.
    Now he is 21 and I am watching him create his own path. And he has used it himself over the years and found it inspiring.

    Everyone needs a rainbow, and the Tiny Little Oracle is a little gem. Its been faithful to me in many ways, and I know a few people who have had a little handmade book set, swear by them.

    The Oracle app is proving to be just as spot on as the book.

    I hadn’t thought about it before, until right now.. actually,..Lol! that the Tiny Little Oracle book set
    is quite the collectors item! There were only so many made.. and well, Im not sure if I’m going to make them anymore.

    So just in case, hold on to them if you have one, they are worth a fortune!

    Cheers! Mary x

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