Nutlidge ~ Chapter Nineteen

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Nineteen

The Mission Begins

Yellow Flower, Sky, the fairies and the pixies all appeared outside the door to the main gathering entrance. They stood on a ledge that was decorating one of the large pillars that rose up around the entrance hallway. There they had a bird’s eye view of everything.
Most of the world leaders were in the hall standing around and talking to each other in small groups. Two more men and a lady walked in and met up with familiar faces.
The cameras were already in place with the cameramen awaiting the start, checking their cords and testing out their equipment.
The large rooms seating arrangements were set out in a circular pattern so all the men and women in the room looked toward the center where a large blue rug dominated the floor. The seats set out like a cinema, going up as they went back. There were four half-circle benches on either side of the room, each seating 50 people, in pairs. Each area was set up with a microphone, a jug of water and two glasses and an ashtray. And every flag of the world was hung above the appropriate leaders chairs. The name each country represented, was placed before the microphone within the cameras vision.
Lavish flowers filled the room, waiters with trays of wine, scotch and brandy walked from group to group offering drinks followed by another offering tea and coffee.
Trays of food made their way around the room and reporters hummed in their allocated area about the current happenings.
Outside, more cars arrived. Willy Weed made his grand entrance. Reporters crowded the footpath trying to get a picture of him with his General in tow. Protesters crowded the streets peacefully and Parliament House driveways with signs saying ‘No War For Oil!’, ‘Go Home Willy!’ and other such things like ‘Save the Forests!’, ‘No US Bases on Aussie Soil!’ and ‘C’mon Coward! Don’t sell Australia to the Lizards!’
All this was rather amusing to Sky and her friends, who were now flying down to the floor next to the large doorway. Yellow Flower and Blue Bell had Sky between them helping her down there. She enjoyed the flight very much, giggling all the way!
They headed into the huge hall making their way along the wall to a mouse hole. They needed to get Sky out of sight for the moment.
The mouse hole had a resident mouse that came and greeted them. He introduced himself as Alf and offered his services.
“Oh thank you Alf, we just might need you after all. We are one person short, and you might just be able to fill his shoes for him”. Before they could say another word a flash of light appeared and Lobes arrived on the spot.
“Greetings!” He said, with his usual cheeky smile and floppy ears dangling around his feet.
“Oh Lobes! I was just about to come looking for you! Thank Goodness! Is everything set up in the broadcasting station?” Asked Yellow Flower.
“Oh yes! No problem at all. Our little friends are standing by, ready for action! Nothing will be left out!” He smiled wider and scratched his ear near his knee.
“Okay. Well I need to go with Sky somewhere where she can get back to her full size without being seen. Then I can give her the Invisibilitea.”
“Yes, I shall stay here until you return.” Said Lobes.
“Thank you.” She said, turning to the other folk awaiting their instructions. “Would you all just stay here for a few moments while I see to Sky, and then I’ll be back.” She led Sky out of the mouse hole and into the ladies toilets. They chose the first one and went in.
Yellow Flower closed and locked the door with her powers. She took a small cocoon flask off her hip and Sky tipped the Changeabilitea under her tongue. Up she went to her normal height and after she had stretched a little she sat on the seat. Yellow Flower flew up and landed on her knee.
“Okay, now Sky, I made the Invisibilitea for you… here,” she said, handing her another flask. This one was larger. Now this should last about two hours before it wears off. It should give you time to spike the drinks when they are all seated. Before you take it just let me check your cocoon to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.”
“What about the potion?” Asked Sky, remembering Perry and Winkle and their mission.
“Oh my goodness yes!” Said the fairy suddenly remembered. “They should really be here by now! Oh I hope they’re alright! Look, Sky, stay here for a moment while I see if they have caught up with Lobes yet.”
“Okay.” Nodded Sky and the fairy flew off.

Fran woke up feeling much fresher than before. It was now ten o’clock and as she got up, and there was a knock on the door.
“Yes?” She called, and the door opened. Baize came in with a cup of tea and some toast for her, along with a big smile on his face.
“Well, thank you sweetheart! That’s lovely… To what do I owe this pleasure?” She took the tray and smiled curiously. Not that he had ever done that before, but they were few and far between these days, and it was usually for a reason!
“Oh because you’re just a great Mum!” He said and sat on the bed.
“Oh yes. And your great Mum is about to be asked to do what, pray tell?”
He grinned and knew that he was foiled! “Well…I was wondering if we could do some practicing here today…”
“Oh, Baize, I don’t think…”
“Oh Mum, it’s just that we need a quiet place to write and the four of us would like to do it here for a change.”
“Yes but I have a friend coming over…”
“We won’t disturb you, promise!” He said with puppy dog eyes.
She looked at him, wanting to say ‘no, not today!’ but then supposed that it would be all right. “Oh alright.” She said already regretting it, “But no loud music. Go in your own room if you have to.”
“We’ll be writing music Mum. So we won’t be that loud.”
Fran took a sip of her tea. “You always make a good cup of tea dear.” She said, and took another sip. “So, what are you writing about?”
“Oh, I’m not sure yet. Something in relation to the bombings or something that might be able to raise money for the victims.”
Fran thought that was a great idea and nodded as she sipped her tea. “Have you heard any more about Tommo and the others yet?” She asked.
“Yeah, not much change yet with Tommo. He’s still in a coma. They’re flying in his girlfriend to see if that brings him out of it. But they’re now saying that one of the pieces of shrapnel is near his spine. They’re not sure whether to remove it or not.” He replied, and punched a pillow he had been playing with.
“Oh honey. He’ll be okay. It might be a long haul for him, but he’s a tough bloke.” She said, looking at her son intensely.
“Yeah. I know. It just sucks that’s all. He never did anything to the people who blew the nightclubs up.”
“I know love. It’s hard to understand isn’t it? And it seems as though it’s getting out of hand. If it’s not over religion, it’s over oil, and if it’s not over that they’ll find something else!”
“Well, it’s not fair! Why don’t they blow each other up instead of using innocent people?”
Fran didn’t know what to say for a moment. She put her hand on his and squeezed it. “It is unfair I know. But Baize, don’t try to carry the world on your shoulders. Just do what you can do. Write your song… and show ‘em another way!” she smiled.
He lightened up a little. “So who was this ‘friend’ you met last night?” He finally inquired.
“Oh just someone I picked up!” She said, grinning wickedly!
He hadn’t seen his mum this bubbly for a long time. It was great to see. “Come on… you can tell me,” he said.
“No, only kidding, it was someone whose car had broken down and I gave him a lift to the next town. He ended up buying me a drink and we stayed for tea and then I took him and his petrol back to his car. His name is Jack and he’s around my age, working and very cute! He’s a bit of an entrepreneur amongst other things. I asked him around for lunch today,” she said with a smile still on her face, then looked at her son and added sternly, “So no funny business!” She smiled.
“Ah! Prince charming hey! Well, good on you Mum. You deserve to be happy. I’ll look forward to meeting him… Anyway, I’ll let you eat your brekkie and I’ll let the guys know it’s okay to come over.”
“Alright dear.” She said and took a bite from her toast. He left the room and came back straight away, “By the way, when is Sky coming home? I want to test her out for some percussion.”
“Oh, that’s nice Baize, she’ll love that! Um, I was going to pick her up tonight. I have to ring your Grandmother and see how they’re doing. If she’s having fun, she can stay a little longer if she wants.” It was school holidays after all.
“Okay.” He said, and then left the room.

Perry and Winkle turned up in the toilet block where Sky was, making her jump.
“Oh you guys!” She said, holding her heart. “I was expecting Yellow Flower.” She picked them up and placed them on her knee.
“We got the potion for you!” Said Perry, handing her the tiny bottle sealed with a nut and covered with wax.
“Yeah!” Nodded Winkle, “And you should see how Elm and Podsinia dealing with each other! It’s really very funny!”
“But we couldn’t untie him. She has the ties under a spell I think. They wouldn’t cut or come undone,” said Perry, expressing himself with his hands.
Just then, someone came into the toilet and washed their hands. She was humming to herself. Sky peeked through the rather large crack in the door frame and the pixies hopped on her head to do the same thing. The lady was a little tipsy and broke out into song filling the whole room up with the chorus from Shirley Bassey’s ‘Big Spender’ and finished off with ‘Spend a little time with me!’ and she did a quick shoe shuffle before straightening out her suit and laughing at the mirror. She left the room leaving the door to swing wide open before it closed with a cushion affect.
Sky was trying not to giggle! It was so funny. The pixies were laughing uncontrollably, but the lady couldn’t hear them.
As soon as the lady left, Sky cracked up snorting through her nose before breaking out into laughter! She sat on the toilet seat holding her tummy. They laughed for some time, tears in their eyes; they kept thinking about the silly movements of that middle-aged lady and just couldn’t help themselves! They all laughed so much they made each other laugh! One of Sky’s happy tears rolled off onto Winkles hat and knocked it off, splashing Perry in the face. But that only made them laugh even more! Until Yellow Flower appeared still looking for the pixies, relived to see that they had arrived. In between laughter they all told a little of the lady and what she did. It wasn’t long before they had Yellow Flower laughing uncontrollably as well and it took them all some time to collect themselves.
It was exactly what they needed! They had all been so serious lately that it would have jammed up their own intuitive and magical energies, so it was like medicine from a bottle!
“Oh! You wonderful little darlings!” Sky laughed, pinching them both on the cheek. They both got embarrassed and went all shy.
Sky showed the fairy the bottle and Yellow Flower nodded. “Oh good! Just one drop in each cup. It is very concentrated, so that is all you will need, but remember it needs to go in at the same time as the Honestea powder. You will need two hands for this Sky. Have your cocoon ready and open to scoop out the tea, and here, I’ll break the seal of the potion so you can drip it.” She did just that, making enough of a hole in the wax for the liquid to be dripped out at the right speed, and handed the bottle back to Sky. It was only as big as her thumb, and she wondered how it was going to do all the drinks, but she trusted Yellow Flowers directions.
“They are all beginning to sit down.” Yellow Flower continued, “So Sky, it’s time to take your Invisibilitea, are you ready?” Sky grinned with nervousness and excitement and nodded. “Yes, it’s now or never!” She said, and took the tiny nut bottle of Invisibilitea from her. She was still giggling a little. She took in a big breath to calm her nerves.


Nutlidge ~ Chapter Twenty Two

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Twenty Two

A Cause for Celebration!

Whilst the Summit commotion became louder and more negative, Podsinia took her chance to use this energy and attack Sky and the others. She flew at them all, screeching wildly. She realised that she had gotten there too late and now, and just wanted revenge! The world was at its highest negative vibration and it would soon start to go down, trustingly for the better.
Flying like a cat through the air towards Sky, she slammed into the magical force field that Sky had around her from the crystal that she was wearing. The fairies all flew over, as they had seen Podsinia spring from her hiding spot. The humans, who couldn’t see her before, could now see a young person without a head getting up from the floor running across to the world leader’s area! She knocked over a glass of water into Sad Man Insanes lap making him stand to attention.
Podsinia got up and shook her head, realising what had happened. With angry eyes she took off after Sky. Up the steps Sky went and through the closest aisle. Around she ran, trying to get away from her pursuer. The cameras spotted the girl running and dodging people who were still arguing around her. Lobes fired a white light at the cameraman and knocked him over, spoiling his film take.
Yellow Flower took off after them along with the fairies. The pixies were all gathered with Lobes in a corner of the room, high up on a ledge watching. Yellow Flower had flown over to the other side of the room to meet Sky as she fled.

Meanwhile back in the tree, the nutleys had stopped what they were doing and thousands of them were now humming a note, creating a whole new vibration of energy all on their own. Their collective thought power was on Sky and the planet Earth, surrounding both with loving vibrations of the brightest healing light. With millions of nature spirits around the world and in accordance the Deities of light in the heavens, the Earths vibrations were lifted a little more from its darkness. The light of the All that Is, began to heal the planet.

More cameras spotted Sky and this time her image went around the world in seconds. She managed to keep her face away from the cameras so as not to be recognised.
Fran and Baize and the guys all stopped what they were doing and couldn’t believe their eyes! Who was this kid? Surely that couldn’t be Sky! Fran sat on the edge of her chair watching the incredible happening.
Grace now had a room full of people. A family of five from next door had dropped over; their television had been broken for a while. They were all laughing at the show that was being put on for them and when they saw the young girl, and only a flash of her, all their heads tilted to one side with curiosity! Henry smiled as if he already knew and Grace was calling out loudly, “Good on you love!” Then, realising quickly that she should keep quiet she said, “Well it couldn’t be Sky, she’s playing in the cottage!”

Yellow Flower managed to get Sky to run into the toilets again and sent a thought message out to Lobes. Within seconds, the pixies were all standing in the cubicle with them.
Podsinia was hot on their tails and touched the toilet door forcing it open with all her might. The door slammed against the wall just as Yellow Flower waved the magic dust over them all sending Sky, Lobes and all the fairies and pixies out of the World Leader Summit in a golden flash of crystal light, and back home to the tree. They were gone!
“Damn those varmints!” She screamed, and with a powerful look of evil determination she went into a spin on the spot and disappeared in a puff of black smoke!

The tree folk had done their jobs well and the rest was up to the citizens of the world to bring about the changes they chose. The mission wasn’t entirely over. Elm was still captured and they had to make sure Podsinia wasn’t causing trouble back home.
They appeared at the Nutlidge Center where hundreds of nutleys had gathered. The news that Lord Nutwood and Lady Acacia Nutley had disappeared had spread around the tree like wild fire! They were all there in mass to try and help. Nutwood’s associate, Nutric Heathgum was talking to the people along with Malley Gum. The topic on their arrival was about being calm and positive as usual. Nutric Heathgum was a wise man also and spoke to the tree folk with compassion towards their concern for Acacia and Nutwood.

“Sky here, drink this,” Said Yellow Flower, giving her the Changeabilitea to reduce her size. “I had better let them know where they are!” she said, remembering that Perry and Winkle had told her where the couple was tied up.
“Then we can all hunt for Podsinia and bring this situation to a close. Wait here!” she said and flew off to talk to Malley and Nutric who were still addressing the crowd.
As soon as Yellow Flower had told the nut men where Podsinia’s lair was, Malley held up his hands and said to the crowd, “They are at the City Baths with Elm!”
Suddenly, the massive convergence began to head to the base of the gigantic tree!
Nutleys began running, catching bird flights of all kinds, riding on nut bicycles as far as they could go and then changing to foot, mouse or insect the rest of the way. Some went down the sliding tunnels, which circled the inside of the tree for quick exits and many who could, simply flew! Quite a few nature spirits transported themselves there also. Before long nutleys and gnomes, fairy folk, pixies and many more invaded the city baths where the three hostages were tied up. Faces from all aspects of the Nutlidge community descended on the great caverns!
Podsinia had landed back down in the caves just before hand and was now threatening to kill them all.
Before she could say another word, she was suddenly encompassed with tree folk flooding into the cave around her, from every opening they could find. Podsinia was backed into the corner where Nutwood, Acacia and Elm were tied up.
“Come any closer!” She warned, “And I’ll kill ‘em! Don’t take another step!” She hopped around nervously she pointed her fingers at people. She grabbed hold of Acacia’s arm and squeezed it painfully hard. Acacia wailed in pain.
“Stop it! That is not necessary!” Called Nutwood, worried for his beloved.
The crowd stepped closer and began to direct all their love energy towards her. All their compassion, all their joy and love of life was sent to her from their hearts. To see it was magical. Tiny sparkles of gold light emanated from the crowd and it glowed like treasure.
Podsinia began to cringe with fear. She panicked and grabbed Acacia’s hair making her wince again from the pain.
“Let her go!” Called out a frightened Sky and she pushed her way down to the front of the crowd. “Let them go! You can have me!” She said, “Take it out on me! I’m the one who’s ruined your chance of survival!”
The tree folk didn’t budge; they just kept focusing their entire concentration on to Podsinia, keeping her nasty energies contained to the cavern. The two were focused on each other, their eyes locked hard.
The tree witch didn’t like the feeling that was surrounding her and lashed out in anger, shooting a murky purple and white bolt of lightning through Sky’s heart. She dropped to the floor and those who were around her went to her aid. She was out cold and wasn’t breathing.
“Underestimate me will you!” She screamed out at them in fear, “I’ll show you who’s more powerful!” She waved her arm to shower the tree folk with bolts of lightning but the force around her was so powerful it shielded the crowd from her terror.
“You can’t beat it Podsinia,” said a weary Elm, ‘It’s no use! The deed has been done and the anger around the world will soon calm. The path to peace is already paved.”
Podsinia tried again and again to destroy the city’s folk with her forces of black hatred, but could not get past the shield of love they had put up around her.
She went to grab Acacia again but the force had shielded them also. There was nothing left for her to do but get angrier and angrier running like a scared cat in the area she had left to move around in, screaming viciously until she finally collapsed hurling abuse and moaning from the rapid loss of energy. She slowly withered away to nothingness leaving only a wisp of smoke in her place. The whole congregation kept their concentration until there was nothing left.
The vine-like roots that tied the captives up, fell lifelessly from their hold. Acacia and Nutwood rubbed their wrists and gave each other a comforting hug. Elm did the same and came over to them giving each of them a warm hug also.
The focus was now on Sky. The lifeless form lay in the arms of a Nutley. Yellow Flower, Florrel and Coral had made their way to the girl who had changed their lives.
The gold fairy knelt down and took her hand and with the help of all those in the room focusing on Sky, a halo of healing energy was beginning to glow around her. It took a few precious moments, but Sky started to breath again and opened her eyes to see a crowd of tree folk looking down at her.
“Sky.” Whispered Yellow Flower as Curley slipped and squeezed his way through the crowd to her side.
“It’s alright. It is safe now.” She stroked her hand to comfort her.
Even though the crystal she wore didn’t stop the impact of Podsinia’s wrath, it had actually saved her life. It glowed amber as they helped to sit her up.

Back in Canberra amidst a chaotic crowd, 78 world representatives out of 100 were arrested for treason, theft of public moneys, drug trafficking charges, hiding public information and many other such offences.
Willy Weed was carted out for yelling obscenities to the United Nations Chairman and other leaders, threatening them with more violence, but still spilling his truths out everywhere! Other World Leaders were handcuffed and charged with offences toward their country and people. The people of the world would do investigations now and nothing else would ever be covered up like it had been.
Finally the timing on the spells that kept the world linked up to satellites came to an end and the world’s broadcasting stations suddenly began to function properly, and they were able to allow broadcast their own news stories. But it had really all been said and done. The world was set for a massive change of direction for the better. There was nothing the media could say that could change the reality of what was now full knowledge in every home and heart around the planet. Their governments had lied and cheated and let them down completely. But it could now be turned around and Mother Earth and its peoples could now be helped and healed.

Grace was sitting there, stunned and happy at the same time! To think that her granddaughter had been a big part of all that! Fran had rung her mother about it and Beverly and Henry and most of the household folk were all still talking about it all.
“What’s going on there Mum? Was that Sky we saw on TV?”
“In Canberra!? Well that would be impossible dear. She is just within the garden playing with some local folk… Don’t worry; I’ll get her to give you a ring when she comes in. Oh goodness I must go, I have guests that are trying to say goodbye…I’ll talk to you later, bye dear!” Said Grace, cutting the phone call short. Fran would find out all about it soon enough.
Fran put the phone down feeling bewildered and frustrated all at the same time. Her friend Jack was still there watching the news and having some laughs with the Baize and his mates. They had already got some lyrics going for the perfect song of which they were jamming a little with hands on tables and verbal impressions of a whining guitar.

The celebrations in Nutlidge went for hours and hours! The Centre had never seen such festivities as this.
Music rang out from the balcony of the Palace and all over the tree as people danced and ate and celebrated their victory. Yellow Flower, with Dusty on her shoulder, and Sky were looking at some of the dresses the fairy folk had turned out in. Sky had her Jacaranda dress on now and looked positively stunning!
Malley arrived carrying some drinks for them all, and a fresh bag of popped flower seeds. They were a favourite of the tree folk, a bit like popcorn is to kids!
They had a fantastic position on a branch just a few steps out of the crowds, where they could oversee the festivities. Elm and Lobes were there, eating fruit and drinking Red Gum wine. Apparently it was a few thousand years old and Elm thought it quite the occasion for such a treat. Nutwood and Acacia had joined them and were also enjoying a drink and they all watched the as the crowds continued to enjoy the festivities.
Nutleys of all ages came out to join in. Nuttles were dressed up; street performers were out in their best costumes and performing their best performances ever. Stalls had appeared here and there helping feed the crowds who came to laugh and enjoy the music. Laughter rang out through out the tree and its massive boughs and forests of foliage.
Suddenly trumpets sounded and the music and festivities came to a quiet stop. What now?
The trumpets sounded again and this time the doors to the Nutlidge entrance were opened. Everyone looked at the doors, when a voice rang out. It was Nutric Heathgum. He was standing on the palace balcony.
“Thank you, thank you, and I promise I won’t keep you long! I just thought it was appropriate to mention that it is a very special anniversary today, of all days. Our beloved Nutlidge has just turned twenty thousand years old!”
From the doorway emerged a massive birthday cake made from thousands of nut muffins, and topped with every kind of fruit and berry you could imagine! The crowd roared and applauded the tree in her magnificence.
In response to their acknowledgement of her, the tree seemed to come alive! The boughs and leaves all glowed in the darkness and shone a golden light over all who were there. Nutwood headed to the cake to speak to the people of Nutlidge. Behind the cake came a display of butterfly dancers, fairy ballerinas and the Kurrajong Band set up on a small stage with wheels, and being pulled along with a nut version of a human designed model T Ford! It was spectacular!
Lord Nutwood stood there, in awe of the cake and of the fact that with all the things that had gone on lately it was simply wonderful!
They all cheered Nutwood on up to the special platform they had made for him to reach the top of the cake. It was decorated with flowers of all kinds and had tiny birds that flew around to make the words, ‘Happy Birthday Nutlidge’. He stepped up to the platform and stood looking out to the entire crowd around him. They cheered still and clapped for him. He couldn’t speak for a moment because he was too choked up. Curley made his way up to him in his usual swinging way and handed him a tiny bag of powder, and whispered, “Here you go Lord Nutwood,” and swung down again to where Florrel and Acacia were now standing with Sky and the rest of their little group.
“Speech!” Called out a small pixie in the crowd and everyone cheered that too.
Nutwood was lost for words for the first time in his life. He was also still a little emotional after the last day’s events, and the fact that even though he knew that Nutlidge was quite safe all the time, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like without it.
He wiped the tear from his eye and sniffled a little and took a deep breath.
“My friends,” he began. “What a wonderful gift this is in celebration of our livelihood.” He swallowed back another lump in his throat. “I know each and everyone of you, and I am blessed in the knowledge that you are all a part of this huge happy family. If it weren’t for you all, we could not have overcome our troubles as we did. I have a special thank you, on behalf of all of Nutlidge; I would like to thank our little human friend, Sky!”
The cheers were for her this time and all eyes were on the stunning young fairy girl. She waved to everyone and blew a kiss to Nutwood.
“Without her help today, our home may have never been the same. Also, I must thank Yellow Flower for everything she did today; we couldn’t have done it with out you and our wonderful fairy and pixie folk!”
The crowd applauded again with cheers of encouragement and thanks.
“And, we cannot forget Elm and Lobes for their great assistance…” More applauding was heard and seen.
“And,” he said turning to the two pixie brothers, “The bravery of Perry and Winkle when rescuing the potion is to be complemented.” As the crowd clapped for them they went bright red and their friends nudged them cheekily.
“The other person I would like to thank, and without his help we could not have done this at all. Merlin! If you are listening!”
The crowd went into a frenzy of whistles and cheers for the wizard of old.
Suddenly, before anyone could say another word a magical display of fireworks broke loose above them, showering them in rainbow light. The crowd cheered their way through this surprise event that Merlin had obviously sent them.
“The world is on its way to recovery!” Stated Nutwood victoriously. “When they realise how beautiful life can be, they won’t want to go back to what they were doing before!” This time he laughed with the crowd who knew exactly what he was on about. “As you know, it is our every thought that creates our moments. This is a fantastic thought!”
He laughed again and gestured towards the cake. “So, may I bring this thought alive and may you all have a fabulous night!”
With this he threw the glitter from the pouch over the cake and it came alive with hundreds of firebugs.
They danced around the cake lighting up all the sparkle that hovered like magic around it making a spectacular show all on its own!
The folk of Nutlidge roared with good cheer and the entertainment before them. A large float of nut bowls and spoons came out from the Nutlidge entrance and the cake was ready to eat!
It was so big! It was definitely a help-yourself meal all on its own! But fairies were on the ready to help with the serving in any case.
Sky was staying with Yellow Flower that night, who had met a very handsome male fairy in the crowd, named Dew and was getting rather acquainted. With him, was his young friend Leif, the handsome fairy that Sky had seen in the fairy glen a few days earlier. He was introduced to a blushing Sky!
Sky watched her new fairy friend walk over to get some cherry juice when Malley and Florrel came to chat with her.
“Sky, you look beautiful!” Said Florrel, “That colour really does suit you!”
“Oh! Thank you!” Said Sky, blushing brightly again. She did feel good and she felt like one of the crowd.
Malley took a small parcel from his cocoon backpack and held it for a moment.
“You know Sky, we really are proud of what you did for us all. It was a very courageous thing and it won’t ever be forgotten you know.” He looked down at the ground for a moment. He always got a little choked up when it came to speeches.
“It has been a wonderful experience getting to know a human such as you. Florrel and I have the honour in returning to you a treasure in which you owned in a past incarnation. It came to us through Merlin.” He held out the gift to a bashful Sky and she took it looking at both of them with her big blue eyes.
“It was my pleasure to do it for you all.” She said humbly, “I think your world is just wonderful! You are the nicest people I’ve ever met and I would do anything to help you. You’d only have to ask.” She looked at them intently for a moment before giving them both a hug. Sky opened the bound leaf package and there amongst silk fibers, was the most beautiful crystal pendant she had ever seen.
The see-through pyramid crystal was a mixture of precious gems molded together with such preciseness; you couldn’t tell how it was made. The colours of the rainbow followed the patterns of the beautifully cut piece. Red rubies were in the center circle, followed by a square orange carnelian, a yellow citrine triangle, a green emerald hexagon, and a light blue tourmaline star. There was an indigo sapphire circle, a violet fluorite rope and a pink diamond frame, which was diamond cut so as it sparkled like that of a thousand diamonds. The chain was also intricately made up of gems of moonstone, labradorite, dioptase, azezulite, garnet, zincite, danburite and aquamarine.
With her mouth open and her eyes fixed on the stunning necklace, she looked closely at it in awe.
“Oh it is just gorgeous!!” She held it up to the light and it was magical. “This looks like an absolute treasure! I couldn’t possible accept this!” She could tell that this was a very special piece of jewellery and it looked felt like she was holding many life times in her hand. The hairs on her arms and the back of her neck stood up and she suddenly felt lighter. It was a strange comforting sensation.
Malley and Florrel looked warmly at each other for a moment, Malley looking at Florrel, and then back at Sky.
“This pendant is yours Sky.” Replied Malley comfortingly. “It has been in Merlin’s care for a very long time waiting for the right owner to come along.”
“But how could I be…” Began Sky.
“It glows whenever your name is mentioned, see…” Said Florrel, and indeed the symbol was glowing! When it glowed, a spiral rainbow owl showed itself and sparkled.
Sky’s eyes reflected her bewilderment. She didn’t understand. Why her?
“But what do I do with it?” She said getting worried, “It is too good to wear all the time, it might break…”
“Sky, it’s alright,” said Florrel putting her arm around her. “This would not have come to you unless you were its rightful owner. It cannot harm you it can only empower you. You have the key to great treasures Sky. You only have to accept it for it to serve you again.”
Sky looked intently at her two dear friends and at the pendant and then back at them. “Okay…I accept. Thank you.” She said cautiously, and immediately the crystal chain placed itself around her neck as if by magic.

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Twenty Three….

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Twenty Three….


Edward and Constance appeared suddenly to join in the festivities, making them all even merrier, and so, Sky decided she shouldn’t go home just yet. Yellow Flower helped her to send word by Raven, and Grace received the message not long after.
The Kurrajong Band entertained them and the Butterfly Ballet danced to the Bug Quartet. The Figtree Gnomes were the comedy relief, making everyone laugh until the tears were rolling down their cheeks.
The fairy colonies were all there from the fairy glen and had all dressed themselves up to celebrate, and their fairy children were fluttering around above the crowds from sheer excitement!
Curley insisted Sky have a dance with him, so off she went to jiggle away at the music, which was just wonderful.
Sky got a huge surprise when Raven came back with Grace riding between his wings. How fantastic she felt!
Grace’s face was that of a young girl excited, speechless and wind blown all in one go!
Malley and Elm helped Grace off the Raven to her feet. She gathered herself up and looked into the crowd. It was unbelievable, but real! All the stories of her childhood came to life and here she was in amongst this magical world! And with her night attire on! Fortunately it looked elegant and one only needed to add wings to remember how it used to be…

Sky was over the moon when she saw her grandma. They hugged, both holding back the tears of joy in their hearts.

The celebrations went on well into the night along with speeches, fabulous music and more food. Everyone there had an extremely exhilarating time, dancing the night away.
Clearly, it was one of the happiest and most memorable nights Nutlidge had seen for quite a while.

Here my friends, is where we leave them. But do not see it as the end of a miraculous day, but the beginning of a new and even more exciting journey in the wonderful world that is Nutlidge!