Nutlidge ~ Chapter Fifteen


Chapter Fifteen

The Federation Of Nature Spirits

Dragging her root formed fingers through her long knotted hair, Podsinia had dried off, eaten some tree root and prepared to surface from the under ground. The moonlight had changed to sunlight coming through the large crevice.
Her thoughts took her to Lord Nutwood and Lady Acacia. That was where she was going to go first, right to the heart of things, inside Nutlidge.
“Yes,” she said quietly to herself, “I shall capture Nutwood and Acacia and then I shall control the tree. Then who knows where I shall go from there!” A wicked twinkle was in her eye and she knew her powers were getting stronger. She pointed to another plant, which was a weed, and it pulled itself from the soil and floated over to her.
When she had shoved it in her mouth and munched loudly on it, she pointed both hands towards the water and it began to bubble. Suddenly a ball of water formed until it resembled a crystal ball floating on top of a swell of water. She smiled profusely until her tooth was showing and then she laughed wickedly, gaining more power each minute. She looked hard into the ball, which was about four foot across and watched as it became hazy, and then a picture appeared.
It was the bedroom of Lord Nutwood and Lady Acacia Nutley, and they were asleep.
“What else do I need to know?” she demanded the ball, and looked at it with a squint in her eye.
It showed Elm still up and talking to his helper Lobes.
“Ah, a new Wizard!” She said and smiled. “I’ll show you what real magic is!” She said, and as she got up quickly the water ball dropped down into the pond with a splash and became just water again, and she headed with speed like a cat towards the opening of the cave.

Nutwood stirred with a jolt. This woke Acacia up.
“What is it Nutwood? What’s the matter?”
“Oh, um, I don’t know. I might have had a dream. I feel disorientated. Perhaps I’ll get up and have a cleanse, I’ll feel better then.”
Acacia watched her partner walk from the bed to the washroom, looking terrible. Acacia knew this wasn’t normal for Nutwood. He was one of the strongest beings she knew. It began to worry her and she followed him in.
“Nutwood, don’t go today. You don’t need to really.”
“Well I just feel that I need to catch up with the federation and that Elm and Yellow Flower will need support.”
“Are you following your heart?” She asked him gently.
He couldn’t answer straight away, but eventually nodded, knowing full well he would rather stay home with Acacia. But he felt it was his duty.
“I’ll be alright my love.” He said, and kissed her forehead. “I’d better have something to eat before I go, but I am to meet Elm at Yellow Flowers home. There are five of us going. Yellow Flower, Elm, Lobes, Sky and myself. We will all go together.”
He got himself dressed in one of his best feather and silk suits and then headed down stairs to eat.

Edward, Constance, Sky, Yellow Flower, Grace, Malley, Florrel, Curley and Dusty all stood at the front door on departure.
“It was splendid that you could drop in like you have!” Said Edward. “Don’t be strangers now.”
They all began to say goodbye in their own ways when Grace reminded Sky that she must get back to her right size before Henry or Beverly came looking for her. Malley had plenty of mixture to make the tea in his bag. He raced in and made some up while they finished off their goodbyes.
He gave Grace the large cup of tea and she drank it down. As the tea affected her growth she stepped off the platform of the house to get her balance on the ground. She was fine. “Oh I wish I could come with you!” She said, not wanting to go anywhere.
“There will be other times.” Said Yellow Flower giving her a wave. “Come up with Sky one day soon!”
“Oh I will!” she said and waved one last goodbye before disappearing out the door.
“Okay are we all ready?” Said the fairy.
They all waved to Constance and Edward,
“If there’s anything we can do, just let us know.” Said Edward.
“Goodbye!” Said Constance waving.
Yellow Flower tossed some glittering powder over them all and they disappeared instantly, leaving just a sprinkle of shiny dust behind them.
Grace stood there for some time thinking about her night. Everything was quiet again and it all now seemed like a dream.
They appeared at Yellow Flowers doorstep, where Nutwood was standing waiting for them.
Before too long, Elm and Lobes also appeared.
“Well that was good timing!” Said Nutwood, looking and feeling a little better. “I only just flew in myself. The Nird just flew off, but it was telling me that Podsinia is lurking near by. We’d better go to this gathering and come straight back after it’s finished.”
“That we shall do!’ Said Elm, dusting off his gown.
Coral, Florrel, Curley and Dusty said goodbye to them all before they disappeared. There was no time to hang around. Coral and Florrel were doing the store today and Curley was with them also. Dusty decided he would stay home.
Yellow Flower grabbed her shoulder bag, which was made of a silk cocoon, and grabbed two water flasks. These were made from spider web. She filled them up, giving one to Nutwood and one to Sky.
“Have a safe trip!” Said Florrel, giving Malley a squeeze on the hand.
“We shall be back soon!” Said Elm, and with that, he waved his hand around in a circle and woof they were gone.
“I wish I could do that.” Said Curley, with his tail wrapped around his mothers tail.
“Well, maybe one day, when you know more about herbs, auras and energy, you will be able to dear.” Said Florrel, playing with his fluffy hair.
‘He’s growing so fast!’ She thought to herself.
“Would you like a tea before we carry on to the store Coral?” Said Florrel. “Yellow Flower said to help ourselves if we liked.”
“Yes, that would be lovely.” She replied and they headed for the colourful kitchen.

Before Sky could think about anything else, they were standing on a huge bough overlooking a waterfall and some pools amidst a tall and dense rainforest. The air was hot and heavy with humidity, and rich with smells of thick rich soil, mulch from falling leaves and mushrooms harvesting their spawn. The air was also full of bird sounds of the strangest tunes and styles. A very loud hum from the cicada clans began to take over the sound waves like an orchestra, getting louder as more tones joined in.
“Is everyone alright?” Asked Elm, straightening his hat. “The Gathering is taking place inside that cave over there. This place is called Crystal Cascades. It is where all Federation of Nature Spirit gatherings are held due to the crystals in the cave. It keeps the negative out and keeps us regenerated outside our own environments. This way.” He instructed, and headed down the branch. It was only a short walk and a pleasant one although they were all still getting used to the thick humidity in the air.
Lobes handed out some dried fruit while they walked; it was covered in a blue powder.
“This will help you breathe better.” He said, and popped one in his mouth.
It did the trick straight away. It was like the air was suddenly thinner, but still warm.
They headed down another bough that took them to the entrance of the caves. There were hundreds of representatives arriving in all sorts of ways! There were all sorts of unusual folk there. Nut people included! Sky hadn’t even imagined what this trip could mean to her. She couldn’t help staring at the wide and varied looking people. Some looked positively strange to say the least.
Many types of nut and pod people from all over Australia had gathered. There were fairies and pixies of all colours and flower types, goblins and gnomes, tree spirits and pebble people, gentle rainforest spirits, water sprites, frogs, birds, snails, and insects of all varieties. They even had koalas turning up with lizards, possums, fruit bats, and snakes. It was a sight!
They arrived by birds of all types, by flying foxes, lizards, beetles, and of course there were the ones who could fly and the ones who transported themselves by their magic.
The five headed into the place where the people were flowing. Through a short tunnel and out through a magnificent, and to them, giant hall, full of crystal clusters and gems of all kinds. No human had ever been in here due to its small entrance and so it was untouched.
It was so beautiful. Light came in through various sources making the crystals glisten in the magnificence of it. The masses filled the great hall and sat on steps of mica and basalt making perfect natural seating for all shapes and sizes to sit on. Quartz crystal, aventurine, azurite, calcite, amethyst, tourmaline of all colours and carnelian were surrounding them, along with dabbles of emeralds, garnet, ruby, and citrine. Many other metals could be spotted such as gold, silver, platinum and copper. It was also a great place of healing. It was simply stunning, and in the background was the trickle of the water coming down inside the walls of the great cavern.
Amazingly, they spotted Blacko in the crowd and Elm led the way to a seat next to him. The crowds murmured amongst themselves waiting for their speaker to make his presence known.
It wasn’t long before a Blackbean woman of great wisdom came out to the platform that was naturally made of green mica. She wore a long delicate dress of fine fern, and her hair was done up in flowers. Blacko lent over to the others and whispered, “That is Dame Melaleuca White. She is the Chairlady of the Federation of Nature Spirits. She lives near here, but was actually voted as the wisest Blackbean citizen in all of Queensland, and that’s quite an achievement. She is only young as far as nut folk go, but absolutely dynamite!”
The crowd before her was huge and they all began to clap. She enjoyed it for a moment and then raised her hand to hush them.
“Greetings!” She began, “We are most grateful to you all for coming here at such short notice. It is wonder-full to see so many representatives from all around this great land!”
The crowd roared again, for themselves this time. When it died down, she continued.
“Unfortunately, the reason we have called you all here is not for pleasure, but for an important issue that has been gathering momentum for some time now.
“As you know, the human civilisation has come to a crossroad in their journey. They still have not realised that their technology, as advanced as they think it is, has not been balanced with their spirituality. They still believe there are more Creators than the One who created us all. This could be a dangerous situation, for humanity, and all the other worlds that lay parallel to them.
“Their competitive leaders have created a world of greed, revenge, hatred and complete disharmony. As you know, this is neither wrong, nor right; it just simply does not serve their people. Their governing bodies, most of them involved in secret societies, see fit to control, manipulate, lie and cheat their way to power, living on absolute abundance while half of the world try to survive, starving and without even the simplest of shelter over their heads. I say now, that any civilisation who allows this to go on is not advanced but still in the primitive stages of their journey.
“They have forgotten the Universal Laws that keep harmony and peace. They have forgotten the Truth. It has been lost in a veil of negative thoughts that has surrounded the planet and holds it captive with fear.
“The choices they make, every moment of the day, create their world, individually and collectively. It takes the same energy, to love and care for each other. They were given free will, and they make their own choices, yet they blame each other for the choices they have ultimately made themselves.
“The ‘Leaders’ of the Earth, the many organised religions and secret societies around the world, and the handful of families that have almost complete control of it all, have deceived humanity for long enough!
“Humans are naturally attracted to good and disgusted by evil. Thus evil always represents itself as good. To the public, Freemasonry pretends to be dedicated to caring and ‘making good men better’, humanism, tolerance, Christianity et cetera. However, their societies, whom include many famous Presidents and other influential people, are really the playground for satanic practices of pure evil. Their purpose is to worship death, not life.
“The Creator has sent them many teachers over the centuries. Many have tried to pass on the messages of truth from the Great One. They have all come to say, ‘You are as One with the Creator. You have the power to heal and to create! You have the power to foresee the future and to heal the past. You have the power to change the world, to move mountains and… to know immortality!’ But they have all been hidden from humanity. The belief systems that have been established by the secret societies keep humanity blinded from the truth, restrained, controlled and manipulated. And the extent of damage to the Earth and the torture to its peoples is a crime against humanity of the highest degree. This civilization must be assisted in the wake up process before their own Governments destroy them.
“The word of the Creator comes in many forms. She speaks to us through nature, through other people, through our experiences and of course through our love and feelings.
“As God himself said: ‘Anything less than your Greatest Thought, your Greatest Feeling, and your Greatest Truth, comes from another source.’
“The Creator is Love. This is what humanity has forgotten. That everyone is equal, everyone is powerful, and every single solitary being on the face of this earth is a necessary piece of the puzzle that makes our Creator whole.”
The crowd of folk cheered their agreement and various small nut people and pixies were seen jumping up and down in response to her words.
Left standing still clapping after everyone had stopped was a Pineconian, oblivious to his continued ovation. He did suddenly then notice and looking around himself sat down, chuckling to himself and going slightly red in the cheeks.
Sky couldn’t help staring at him even though he wasn’t the only unusual nut or pod person there.
She asked Blacko who he was and all Blacko knew was that he was a Pineconean. They lived in the pine tree forests all over Australia and beyond. Sky took an instant liking to him deciding that one day she would like to meet some of these other beings. There were so many different and unique beings there; Sky just kept finding new ones to study.
Dame Melaleuca White then continued,
“The choices that the governing bodies are making are wrought with hidden agendas. It is in their own interests that their plans lay. They encourage thousands of young soldiers to fight their battles for them when they should be discussing the issue and sorting it out between themselves in an advanced and peaceful manner, with outcomes to suit all parties.
“This ‘war’ attitude does not sort issues out. It creates bloodshed, loss of life and more and more resentment. The Earths governments thrive on this creating more wars and heartache. They even control the worlds weather, using hurricanes for example, to wipe out population.”
There was a loud murmur in the crowds as they realised the dreadful situation the Earths peoples were in.
“Yes…” she nodded solemnly to her audience. It is nothing short of horrific, and we feel strongly that something should be done to assist God in his battle against Evil. Positive against Negative. And it is the thoughts of love that will win in the end.
It is not usually our way to involve ourselves in the human affairs. The Ascended Masters and many other light workers have been working around the clock since the terrorists’ attacks began, which have all been seeded by the governments they trust. There are many light workers on Earth working to raise the vibrations around them, helping and healing humanity and showing them how to heal themselves.
“The last attack has had grave consequences. It had begun to affect our worlds. When it does this, we know that all life in the universe is at risk.
“It is with great thought and applied wisdom that we intervene. I would ask you to tell your people to stay detached, however, this calls for drastic measures.
“I am aware, that there is a solution. In fact, many have come here today with ideas and suggestions on how to assist. There is one I have chosen to be the most direct and the most effective plan that I have sensed yet. Elm the Wizard, please bring your young friend down to the platform.” She motioned for this with her hand also.
It was Lobes who nudged Elm in the ribs to wake him up from daydreaming. He jumped and got up with Sky and headed down the steps to the mica stage.
Sky and Elm both held Melaleucas hand for a moment, before she spoke again.
“It is a rare thing when a human is aware enough to enter our world and function in it as if it was their own. One young child has done this, and it is the Creators wishes, I am sure, that she be with us on this day. Nature Spirits of Australia, please welcome Sky!”
The crowds of folk clapped and cheered loudly, making Sky go bright red in the process. She didn’t really know what to do, so she just stood there smiling and resisting finding the nearest rock to hide under.
Dame Melaleuca White motioned her to come nearer, while Elm stepped back in respect.
“Sky has offered to be our physical link to the human world so as to change the course of current issues. It is her task to reach the state of Parliament in Canberra for the World Leader Summit to be held tomorrow. Their plan is ideal for the purpose of encouraging the governing bodies to at last, tell the truth of what is really happening. The Nutleys are famous, as you all know, for their production of herbal teas. The one that will be used will be of course ‘Honestea’. It would seem that their way of life is so abundant with secrets that we all agree that it is a worthwhile course to take.
“Sky will have the help of us all, but particularly from her closest companions.
“I would ask you all now, to focus on Sky’s vibration so that you are familiar with it. Keep this energy close to your heart, and help keep her safe from danger. We realise that this is a risk that she takes. The governing bodies of the world do not generally like ‘minors’ to try to change the course of their unfair justice system. These people are dealt with unfairly. So, we will be the force behind your safety Sky. And may you turn the tables for every man, woman and child on the face of Mother Earth. On behalf of all of us here, and all of our worlds, thank you,” she said, and looked at Sky with an expression of warm gratitude.
The crowd went wild with cheers and applause!
“And we thank the Universe for sending this messenger to us. We will make sure that this messenger does not come to any harm as others have before her. Then, once the truth has been spilt, it can then be dealt with and healed, with new horizons for all concerned.
“Sky, take this crystal with you and wear it at all times. It will help to protect you and it will help you remember your true inner power. It must be returned to this place when you have finished with it, for the next time it may be needed.”
She placed the golden chain with the diamond heart over Sky’s head and said, “Any force that tries to stop you, will be stopped themselves. May you travel in peace my child.” In front of all the people, Dame Melaleuca gave Sky the biggest hug and the crowd cheered again. She thanked Elm also, and they walked back up the steps to their seat, still surrounded by cheering and applause.
Dame Melaleuca White raised her hand until it quietened down again. “The outcome of this undertaking will trustingly bring about world peace, and the opportunity to renew their way of life that has not been serving them for some time now. Their practice of teaching knowledge instead of wisdom has begun to take its toll. The laying down of weapons and restructuring the education system will be the first things they will have to address.
“We have a wonderful life because of our learning from Beings more advanced than us. Most of you are naturally aware that we have been communicating and working closely with the Creator and the more advanced forms of life out there in the universe. These magnificent people of light showed us the way many millennia ago.
“They have been sending messages in many ways and many levels of vibration over the millennia, but one form of communication they have tried, delivers the vibrations that humanity needs at the time. Most of you are familiar with Crop Circles? They are found mainly in the United Kingdom, which is an old playground for such communication as this.”
Sky remembered the pendant she got for Baize.
They really were as important as she thought they were.
“They have been classed by some humans as hoaxes, but as you are all aware, these are not hoaxes, but deep vibration messages, created by higher life forms. The energy itself comes from the creator and they can mean many things to many people, but ultimately send out vibrations, which resonate to our souls.
“These magnificent portals of light and healing energy affect all, not only when they are looked at, but everyone around the planet. The subliminal harmonies and words of the Great One connect humanity with their ancestry and their Creator. Their position on the planet is also significant and the patterns of course tell a story that feeds and reminds the DNA of what it used to know in the beginning.
“It is a powerful reminder to all of humanity. It will help to lift one of the final veils from their eyes that have kept them in denial for so long. I cannot tell you too much about this, except that it will affect our worlds directly and it involved the Earth’s Ascension. I will tell you more about this soon, but for now, stay focused on Sky and her mission.”
Sky looked around the hall seeing some more very unusual beings indeed. There were so many different types of nut and pod people! She recognized the Banksia colony representatives. There were obviously many colonies with in that, as there were quite a few different Bottle Brush types there. Blackbean people, obviously from different colonies were listening intently to their speaker along with and Jacaranda folk, Bunya Nut and Macadamia nut people. They came all shapes and sizes. Some of them were quite odd looking. She recognised some of the South Australian nut species, but they were quite different to others she had never seen before. Dame Melaleuca White was still talking to the people before her.
“The Representatives of the Earth hide the facts about their communication with other life forms, believing that it has nothing to do with the people of the Earth or that it will simply create fear. So, the advanced life forms now approach more aware humans and throughout the last twenty years have been able to get their guiding messages through by forms of channelling. This is a gift that some humans have encouraged which enables spirits and extraterrestrial to speak with their own voice through their hosts’ voice boxes. These have sometimes been recorded, which then enables the humans to create books, which reach the world. Many humans have had journeys across the universe for the purpose of allowing the human species to realise that there is more out there than they can see with their naked eye.
“The education system of the Golden Age will take on better ways of teaching their young as we do.”
She opened a small book to a marked page and read.
“It is God’s will that Earth’s young shall now begin to learn such things as; ‘Peaceful Conflict Resolution, Personhood and Self Creation, Body, Mind and Spirit, and how they function, Celebrating Self, Valuing Others, Awareness and Wakefulness, Honesty and Responsibility, Visibility and Transparency, Science and Spirituality, Creative Consciousness and Mind Power and many other such courses. These things must be considered for a new world of peace to evolve. I would like you all to assist our Human counterparts with thoughts of Love to assist their transition into the 4th dimension, but again, I remind you to stay detached from their emotional vibrations.”
She finished up by saying, “Thank you, all of you for all of your help in making this gathering come about for this purpose. And now, those of you who have other issues you would like to discuss before the Federation, now is the time to come forward…”
What they had come to do was now done so Yellow Flower, Malley and Lord Nutwood all cheered Sky on before quietly saying goodbye to Blacko and then made their way to the main door, eager to get home.
One of Melaleucas helpers, a young Blackbean man came up to them. “Excuse me,” he said, “Dame Melaleuca White asked me to give you a message. She said that Merlin made contact and that he will be awaiting your arrival in the early hours of the morning.”
“Oh thank you, my good man!” Said Elm, feeling much better now that he had heard from his Mentor.
“We shall have to leave for Merlins abode in France almost as soon as we return to Nutlidge. Nutwood, I am aware that you are eager to get back, so let’s go shall we!” And he waved his hand and they were there no more.


Nutlidge ~ Chapter Sixteen

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Sixteen

Merlin the Magician

Fran got out of bed bearing a sore head, and went straight for the water in the kitchen. It was already 10am and she could hear someone rustling around in the shed. She put her head around the door and it was of course Baize, looking for something.
“Morning.” She said softly.
He looked around to see a very tired Fran in the doorway.
“Ah! Sleeping beauty finally woke up!” He joked, obviously in good spirits, “You had a late one by the looks. You might want to go back and try that beauty sleep again?” He said, with a huge grin on his face and moved a couple of boxes full of stuff.
“Well thank you.” She said half smiling and half squinting from the bright light in the shed. “And what is it you are looking for?”
“Ah, the percussion stuff we have here. Maddy took some yesterday and the girls tried it out and it sounded really cool! We even got to practice longer!”
“Well that’s great! I think you’ll find them in the cupboard over there in the corner.” She said, watching him while leaning on the doorframe. “So it sounded good huh?”
“Yeah! Excellent! Turns out Cheryl can sing too! So we have her practicing a few songs with Monica.”
“Wow! That’s great Baize! See! I knew you could turn things around,” said his mum, full of faith in her son.
“Yeah, I guess there’s always a better way.” He replied.
“Well,.. I might try that beauty sleep again and see if I can make it work this time.”
“Cool. I won’t be too loud, and thanks for helping me find the stuff.”
“No worries. I’ve got a visitor coming later, so I’ll be up and about in a couple of hours …”
“Okay. Um… Anyone I know?” He said curiously.
“Mmm. You’ll just have to wait and find out!” She said cheerily and shut the door. Baize kept looking for other useful things shaking his head and smiling at his mother. ‘I bet she’s finally met someone.’ He thought and smiled his approval.

Meanwhile, back at the Palace, Malley and Nutwood were telling Acacia about the speaker and all the people that turned up for the gathering.
Elm was pacing the floor, in a hurry to leave for France.
Acacia insisted that they ate something before they went and made them sit down at the table while she fixed them something nourishing. It didn’t take her long, and she came back with rolled up geranium leaves stuffed with salad, cashews and a lovely sauce to finish it off. They ate heartily and downed plenty of water. “Are you ready Sky?” Asked Yellow Flower.
“Yes, I am.”
“Elm, we’re ready when you are. We’ll be back soon.” She said firmly, and waved both arms around, letting glitter flow from her hands. They vanished leaving Malley, Acacia, Nutwood and Lobes to contemplate what they were doing next.
“I must go and see if the girls need help in the store. They were going to make up a whole new batch of teas. A lot of them got spilt when the tree shook. So I’ll catch you all later.” Said Malley.
“Yes, we will speak before the World Leader Summit tomorrow. Goodbye for now.” Replied Nutwood.
“Goodbye Nutwood, Lady Acacia, and Lobes.” He said and walked from the hall.
The three travellers arrived in France almost immediately. As Merlin had said, it was early hours of the morning. Only one bird was making any noise though, all the others were still asleep. It was freezing cold and snow laid heavily everywhere.
A barn owl hooted as it sat up high on the branch of a huge knotted interwoven oak tree, covered with moss and mushrooms. It totally dwarfed the three as they stood amongst its massive roots.
“Where are we?” Asked Sky, suddenly feeling a little disorientated and very cold. She didn’t mind admitting that she was a little scared also. This was Merlin they were visiting! Was he a wizard, magician, sorcerer or a Druid? Sky had been discussing this with her friend the other day.
Elm had been here before, and knew just where to turn up. There in the crevice of the roots they were standing in between, was a large wooden oval door with a peep hatch.
Elm led them to the entrance and pulled the jewelled handle that was hanging from thin air by the door. They heard a loud bell ringing upstairs. A few moments later the door swung open, by itself it would seem. A black cat walked back and forth in the doorway, eyeing them off curiously.
“Thank you.” Said Elm to the cat, and they walked inside the massive tree trunk.
Inside the tower like structure was a large round room with a staircase cut into the wall. Large pictures hung in ancient hexagonal frames, windows that could only see out, were carved into the walls also hosting thick hand carved windowsills. These were stacked with candlesticks and half burned candles, crystals, books and odds and ends.
A fireplace was lit and roaring. It threw out more than enough heat to keep the whole tower warm. There was a large round red rug on the floor, which was embossed with all the alchemy symbols in gold matching the fringe on the edge. A messy desk was near one window and a large bookshelf was on the other side crammed with books and more odds and ends. It was a strange sensation being in this place. Doors and things seemed to be moving all the time, yet they weren’t. Or were they? One funny round shaped window with beautiful patterns around it took Sky’s attention more than anything. It looked like one of the crop circles she had seen on the Internet at school.
Cautiously she walked over to the round window and looked through. Her eyebrows rose up in wonder. There out the window was an aerial view of the loveliest crop circle she had seen. It was an image of what she took to be the Earth, with two dolphins swimming around it in opposite ways. She studied the scenery and wondered how it could be showing daylight when it was dark outside. She moved closer to the window, her hand about to press against it when it kept going! She nearly fell through it, but stopped herself just in time.
Elm moved swiftly over to her,
“Sky, steady…” He said gently. “Are you alright?”
Sky took a deep breath. “Wow!” She said, shaking her head. “That would have been like falling from the sky!” She placed her hand on her chest for a second time, feeling her heart go faster than ever.
“Yes it would have, and you’re lucky you didn’t keep going! That isn’t even Earth, although the same crop circle has appeared in England. That is a vortex to other planets that are the recipients of crop circles. This particular planet is at the same spiritual and material level as Earth.”
“You mean there are other planets out there that have humans?”
“Well, of course! There are literally thousands upon thousands of life forms out there in our universe. Not all of them in ‘human’ or ‘physical’ form I might add. But still existing within their own realms or dimensions. There are quite a few who visit Earth on a regular basis you know. Do you remember what Dame Melaleuca White said at the Nature Spirits Gathering? Well, it’s true! Your governments have been trying to cover up the contacts they have had.
“Now the life forms, or Extraterrestrials, which is what humans refer to them as, are communicating through other sources such as people not involved with government departments. Just average men and women, who record the messages and make them available to many people who are also searching for the truth. Crop circles are another way that other life forms choose to pass on incredibly intricate but profound messages. They not only affect people visually, but they are so perfect in every aspect, that they also send out music that resonates at a soul level, and our souls read it and hear it and quietly rejoice at the return of the original vibrational and geometrical connections to our Being.”
Sky was absolutely fascinated. She was fairly in touch with these miracles in wheat fields and knew their meanings were important to human kind.
“Is this the latest one?” She said, looking through the window at the dolphins and the sphere.
“Yes I believe it is.” Replied Elm, studying it for a moment and then moving so Yellow Flower could see it properly.
A voice came from above in a deep baritone, “Greetings. Please make your way up the staircase.”
Elm led the way.
“I wish I could fly up these!” Said Sky, who didn’t particularly like stairs. All of a sudden, she rose from the steps and found that she was indeed floating. She opened her arms out and flew up the stair well!
Elm and Yellow Flower laughed and Yellow Flower took off, flying close behind her, up the very long spiral stairway.
“Oh! Right! Well I’m not one to be left behind!” Said Elm, and he lifted an arm up and off he went, flying up the long wooden staircase after them. After their wild flight up the stairs, the three came to the top and came out into a huge hall! It seemed much bigger than what the tree seemed, but then you had to expect strange things in Merlin’s abode.
“Greetings my friends!” He bellowed. He was seated on a throne-like chair reading a book with his feet up. He had on a purple velvet dressing gown and warm wizard hat with diamond and gem stars all over it and curly toed slippers.
His long hair and beard covered most of it. He was sitting in his favourite chair with his feet on a floating cushion, by his huge desk which spilt over with paper scrolls, quills, ink pots, cards, and more candles.
The walls were lined with bookshelves full of books and a large platform in the middle that had a large oak table and his cauldron. Various bottles and jars were spread around the table along with spilt herbs, jars of frogs’ legs and spiders, newt eyes and stardust. More shelving was jam-packed with jars full of ingredients.
The room walls went up to a peak that was made of glass and under it hung a glass tube that glowed. A huge crystal ball sat on a table near a window and radiated a purple colour, and the black cat rubbed itself on its stand. On yet another large oak table was huge leather bound book of spells.
“Come in, Come in!” Said Merlin. “Have a seat.” He produced for them right there and then three seats the same as his. There was also a small table that floated for drinks.
He got up and held Elm’s hand in his own for a moment while saying, “Elm my friend, it’s been a long time.”
“Merlin. It is good to see you again. May I introduce my friends Yellow Flower and Sky?”
“Hello Merlin. It is a pleasure.” Said Yellow Flower, holding his hand for a moment and feeling quite overwhelmed.
“The pleasure is all mine.” He replied, staring into her eyes before turning to greet Sky.
“So, this is the brave young human. I am honoured to meet you Sky.” He held her hand also for a moment while she said a nervous, “Hello Merlin” and went bright red, as he now looked deep into her eyes. It was as if he could read a person instantly, and was kind if creepy.
“Ah yes!” He said, “I see you have been on this earth plane many times. And a few other planets I see. Please, sit down. I have no doubt that you will be able to do the task that is needed of you Sky. No doubt, at all.”
Sky was still feeling a bit uneasy. All the things she had heard about Merlin weren’t always good, but she put those thoughts from her mind and allowed the real experience of Merlin to sink in.
“Thank you for helping us with the needed potion Merlin. We would not be able to do this with out your assistance.” Said Yellow Flower in the chair opposite him.
“Well young fairy, it is my pleasure!” Chuckled Merlin, “I have been trying to do something about the human behaviour patterns for a while now, but I think this is brilliant! And while I think of it, here is the potion you will need to make the tea much stronger than what it is. Whatever drinks they are consuming and we will assume it is tea and coffee during this important summit, you must get the Honestea and this potion in at the same time. You cannot mix it prior to the time of doing it. It must be mixed on the spot. A little time consuming perhaps but worth the effort.” He gave Yellow Flower the bottle of potion, which was red coloured. “One drop of this to each cup, with one spoon of crushed Honestea. Here is the spoon you must measure the tea from,” and he gave the spoon to Sky. It was more like a mini funnel without a hole and it was made of copper.
“There are a few questions I have to ask.” Said Sky nervously.
“Fire away!” Said Merlin happily.
“Well, how am I going to get this in their tea and coffee without them seeing me? How am I getting to Canberra, I’m only ten, and…” she looked around with a slightly distressed manner… “is there anyone coming with me?”
Elm and Yellow Flower suddenly realised that they hadn’t had a chance to fill Sky in on what they had planned. She had been showing her grandmother around when they were discussing it in the doll’s house the night before.
“Oh don’t worry about a thing!” Said Elm, coming to her rescue. “Yellow Flower and I will be getting you there and coming with you, and we have asked several other fairies to help because they can fly and because they cannot be seen.”
“I have some Invisibilitea for you Sky,” added Yellow Flower, “but it doesn’t last as long as the others. You’ll have to take some extra with you in case you become visible at the wrong time.”
“Yes, yes,” agreed Elm, “and you will be your normal size while you are doing this, otherwise you won’t reach the cups will you!” He chuckled and stroked his beard.
“I would say they have it all planned perfectly for you Sky, so that there will be no interruptions. I will also be keeping an eye on you through my crystal ball in case anything should go wrong.”
“You won’t be on your own Sky. I will be there with you the whole time.” Said Yellow Flower, touching her shoulder comfortingly.
“Are you still happy to do this young lady?” Asked Merlin, looking at her over his half moon reading glasses. “You must only do this if it feels right to you. Now be honest with yourself. What do you feel?” Said the great wizard gently.
His black cat leaned against her leg as it walked slowly past. She thought about her mother and brother and the city of Nutlidge and all that she had experienced. “I feel fine,” she said genuinely. “If you two are going with me, I am more than happy to go through with this.” She smiled, feeling more confident about the whole thing.
“Excellent!” Said Merlin. “Now we shall have drinks!” He clapped his hand twice and a tray of magical drinks appeared on the table. They looked like glasses full of tiny colourful lights. It sparkled and a yellow mist flowed from it.

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Seventeen

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Seventeen

Truths Unfold

“That looks delicious Merlin. What may it be for?” Asked Yellow Flower.
“Well, I thought we could do with some previews of what is happening. I have made a drink for you all to join me in finding out what the world leaders are up to. Perhaps we can be one step ahead of them, and they would all be settled into their hotel rooms by now. Would you like to join me in a little peek?” Merlin had a half smile on his face as he picked up his glass mug and held it up to them.
“Yes!” Said Yellow Flower, “I’ll be in that!”
“My word! Count me in!” Said Elm, chuckling at the thought of it.
Sky looked at her three companions and at the drink and said, “I guess I may as well come too!”
They all downed the drink feeling the tingle go down their spines. Before they knew it, they were all floating above the chairs, Sky making a slight squealing noise as she rose. Merlin clicked his fingers and they disappeared once more.
In Canberra, at mid-afternoon in a Hyatt suite near the top floor, sat two American men sharing a bottle of scotch. It turned out to be Willy Weed and his Military General, Shogun Powers.
Their four invisible guests were standing on the other side of the large sitting room.
“Well, y’know I gave them a warning two years ago.” Said Willy, continuing his conversation in his Texan drawl. “I told ’em, I’d make the world think they were our enemies if they didn’t make some firm arrangements with th’ oil in our favour after giving them all those weapons, I’d come after ’em. Too bad the Twins had to go. I mean, it had to look like it was them and goddamn it was brilliant! They know who the greatest power in the world is, and it’s gonna stay that way.”
“Yes sir, Willy!’ Said the drunk General. “We have the whole world believing in this terror thing. They’re so damn gullible!” He laughed a disgusting drunk laugh and took another sip of his scotch.
“Well the thing is to keep the fear up.” Slurred Willy. The Bali project showed Tom Coward I wasn’t kidding when I told him I am serious about my plans. I can’t have him thinking I’m full of crap now can I? The religions are weakening. They don’t have the same hold on people as they did. But instead of an angry God to deal with, they have the constant threat of terror. It’s the only way we can keep total control of people! It’s for their own good! We can’t have people thinkin’ for themselves now!”
They both chuckled and took another sip of their drinks.
“Well I have to say you got control of most of the worlds oil supplies, the weather, and with a little more chemical trailing, the people will be too sick to worry about who’s in charge. The Moon Mission is in its 5th year now and all is ready to accommodate our families and us if worst comes to worst. How is ol’ Sad Man anyhow, I ain’t seen him for a while now.” Said Shogun.
“Oh he’s good! I spoke with him th’other day. He said the plan is going well, and that the media is fooling them all over there! Ha! Gawd, they’re all so stupid! It’s too easy! I need more of a challenge. Still havin’ the media doin’ the right thing by us will keep the fear going.”
“Well they don’t have much choice do they?” Laughed Shogun pouring himself another drink. Willy laughed with him looking all too confident.
Sky was horrified! She thought of Baize and Tommo and the other guys. So it was the Weed regime! They’ve had the wool pulled over everyone’s eyes all along!
“Well, the next thing o’course is the oil fields Down Under. Y’know the people here don’t even know they have one! So, there’s no need for them to know! I’m in talks with Tom Coward about this. We are coming to some arrangements slowly. It’s taking time though; he wants to hold onto it.”
“Ah! I’m sure we can persuade him to think our way sir, with a little encouragement.” And he pulled a gun from its holster.
“Well, we’re ‘gunna invite him to Bohemian Grove. That’ll wet his appetite in the right way! Once he takes th’ oath, he’s ours. He’ll have no choice but to do as we say! The Freemasons still rule after all!” He chuckled loudly again. “And the dreams of our forefathers are finally coming about and Lucifer is mighty pleased!!”
“Well we can’t risk them finding out.” Added the General. “Afterall, they have to believe we’re doin’ Gods work!!”
“Absolutely! Absolutely my man!” Said Willy, and skulled the glass of scotch. “We need to keep these countries believin’ that their master is their God. With these military threats, they feel obligated to us. If they don’t go with us, then we’ll make them the enemy, and take the oil anyway!”
They both laughed together over their manipulation methods and two more glasses of scotch were poured.
“Well it’s been a bumper year for us sir, what with total control of the drugs on the streets of America. The CIA are raking it in, and with the extra two billion this month, we’ll get that military base in the Northern Territory yet.”
The President got up and walked over to the window overlooking Canberra, with his scotch in hand. “God damn! It’s a rich country out there! And with the right persuasive tackles, it will be ours for the taking. No problem!” He sneered. “They’re all asleep over here. But it is the challenge I’ve been looking for. ”
“Well you’ve done a good job taking over where your father left off Willy. It’s the only way to keep the millions of sheep in control.”
“Yeah, well, bein’ in the Fremasons makes it possible, they swung it for me at the last election. It’s amazing what a few million bucks can achieve!”
The two men laughed at this wholeheartedly and filled up their glasses once more.

Elm, Sky and Yellow Flower had seen enough. They were all disgusted with what they had heard. Merlin clicked his fingers and they were in another room. This one was fancier than the last.
This time, a French man was lunching out on his balcony talking with his advisor. They spoke in French of course, but the four could understand what they were saying, to Sky’s surprise.
“Ah! There is nothing to worry about! They have no say in it anyway. The nuclear testing is in a useless area. No one will miss the fish there. The islands are of no concern to us. If we keep feeding their military with weapons, they will allow us to keep testing! It does not matter!”
“Yes, but the people are beginning to complain. Many letters are being received from their public asking us to stop. There will be problems if this carries on.” Said his advisor.
“No matter!” Waved the president, shrugging the issue off. “Letters can be burned. Our testing is more important than the livelihood of a foreign country. Don’t ever forget it! We intend to lead the world’s nuclear technology. We will beat the Americans yet! But you know it is important that the world does not know about our involvement with Sad Man Insane and Sin Bin Ladder. What ever happens, the approaching war really must not happen. It is imperative that we show ourselves to be against this conflict! In fact, ring Marcel and ask him what time the press conference is tomorrow. I want to make sure I am there on time.”
They continued eating and sipped on their champagne. Sky was saddened by what she heard. She had thought the French were doing the right thing, but apparently not.
Merlin clicked his fingers again. This time they were in yet another hotel room. Three Asian men were having lunch. They were from Korea.
“It is our turn,” Said one man sipping his coffee. “They have had control long enough! I am sick of the threats that keep coming from Weed. He thinks he owns the planet!”
“Over his dead body!” Laughed another.
“Hey, wait ‘till they hear about our new nuclear plans! They will surely get angry!” Said the fat one.
“Good!” Said the first one. “I don’t have any qualms about wiping them out first up!”
Again Merlin clicked his fingers and this time they turned up in Government House, in Tom Coward’s office.
“Sir,” said the secretary of the defence force, “how much longer are we going to be puppets on Weeds string?”
“Well, they are a powerful nation. I want to do right by our people, but there is too much at risk. If I don’t let them have the oil, they will come and take it anyway by force. I don’t want to put good people through this sort of thing… I just don’t know what to do about this.”
“But sir, you are being cornered by several overseas’ governments. Surely there must be something we can do to protect Australia, without the threat of sending more young men to war? This is not our way. They are forcing us to be a part of their terror campaign to get control.”
Tom Coward stared into space knowing full well he had the fate of the public in his hands and they were being pulled along by the same unfair principle. It was becoming more and more like America every day. He knew that many of the politicians were crooked, and many of them weren’t of course, like his secretary here, who was more for discussions than war at any time. But he was not a saint either; he had done deals also with other countries to suit his military needs. Coward sat and kept staring into the endless sky feeling like a heel. He wished for a moment that the floor would swallow him up. He guessed it served himself right if they did take it away. He was weak. He was in fear like most people had been since the Terror attacks.
Yellow Flower, Merlin, Elm and Sky all looked at each other before Merlin clicked his fingers again. This time they were in a hospital ward in a private room. There was Tommo laid up with two legs in plaster, broken arm, his head bandaged up and the rest of his body which was covered in a wet cloth was badly burned.
He was still unconscious. Sky suddenly went from feeling disgusted to sorry, and thought how his poor mother must be feeling and the rest of his family and friends. And this went on because of oil and greed and the passion to have everything, even if it meant the destruction of Mother Earth.
Merlin again, clicked his fingers, this time they looked into one of the politician’s homes and saw the extravagant way they lived. Then to the streets of Kings Cross, where homeless kids and adults were living in the slums and living in cardboard boxes. ‘How incredibly sad.’ She thought and shook her head slightly. Merlin knew she had seen enough. He clapped his hands twice and they appeared inside his tower again, sitting in their chairs.
Sky looked sadly at the others. She didn’t know what to say at first. Tears were in her eyes and she fought to hold them back
“I am sorry to have rushed you through so much information at once Sky. But you see what they are creating? If something is not done soon, we will lose so much.”
Sky nodded. “I understand now. I didn’t realise that the governments had so much control over their people. Why can’t those kids be given homes to go to?”
“There are many things that one can ask why. They have been asking why for decades, but they fail to actually do something about it.” Replied Merlin.
“Humanity is in the throws of great change. All of the systems that govern the people are beginning to have less and less hold on them. People are beginning to think for themselves after being led for so long by someone else’s laws, or doctrines, heaven knows there’s hundreds out there! People need something to believe in, so they go trying all these religions out and get told not to do this, not to do that, and if you do, watch out! And magic! Well! They have a lot to say about magic, and crystals and anything in fact that will encourage your own thoughts and feelings to come through! Oh no! They would lose control because of that.”
Elm made a good point also, “Well, Merlin, tell Sky what we have been discovering more and more of lately.”
“Oh yes, the discoveries that some remarkable humans have invented that are being hidden or kept under wraps for the purpose of keeping production going.”
“What to you mean?” Asked Sky.
“Well, for a start, your cars could run on water and vegetable oil, even hydrogen. Your people wouldn’t get so sick if they just drank enough water! It is the cause of an endless list of ailments including depression! Look at the life of a pot plant if you forget to water it! But they don’t tell you this. They make you go to the doctor to get pills, and you all just keep going back because you believe that you need them. And so you do!
“The amounts of cancer remedies that have come out throughout the years are fantastic! Many and varied, but with all good results and far less expensive, yet they keep them from you because they will lose business. But instead of disrupting the huge drug corporations and finding another way to heal people, they keep the charade going! Tell all of your friends and family that all one needs is a bottle of colloidal silver in their pantry! This is and has been a cure all for centuries!
“Do you know it is only in the last twenty years that western society has begun to accept natural healing alternatives, such as massage, herbs and essences, and hands on healing? Yet the ancient cultures have always used these methods. It’s chemical free and all natural. They have also treated the Earth better than the white man ever has. Shame on them for destroying so may magnificent cultures instead of accepting them, then learning the better ways from them.”
Sky knew what he was saying there because her mother had strong views about what had happened to the Native Americans and all of their tribes. She nodded her head.
“I have to admit,” he went on to say, “I have been guilty of burning many trees and forests in my long history here on Earth. I was young and naïve and played on the wrong side of the mirror! But I learned that we cannot sustain life on earth if there are no trees!”
He paused just for a moment before saying, “Well now Sky, you have taken a lot in for such a young mind. But you are not a young soul. You have come back into this life to do this. It is your destiny.”
“I know.” She said. “Thank you for showing me what is really going on out there. Now I fully understand why something like this must be done.”
“The other thing you must be aware of is Podsinia. She is well and gaining power as we speak. Once she finds out you are the major link to the plan, she will come after you. After last time, I wouldn’t imagine her letting anything stop her this time from getting complete power. Once the truth is out there, the energies will escalate, due to the anger in people finding out they have been duped for so long! But, as the new governments settle in, the energy will change dramatically, and Podsinia will find it hard to stay alive on this plane. Then we have overcome our situation.”
“There will be new governments?” Asked Sky thinking what a huge thing that would be.
“Oh yes! The public will finally realise, and they will demand that their next governments be chosen from the wisest, not the wealthiest. Many things will change. Mark my words! And, on this note, hot chocolate for my guests before they depart.” He said. Four more goblets appeared on the floating table, ready for them all to drink.
“I need to do a few things tomorrow before the Summit the day after. So, I shall be seeing you!” Merlin said. “Don’t forget to call me if you need an extra hand over there.” They all got up and said their goodbyes and prepared to leave.
Merlin placed his hand over Sky’s crystal and said, “If you are ever in doubt my young friend, you can always call me. Don’t be afraid.”
Sky took his hand and thanked him.
“I’ll do my best,” she said. “This world needs to be told the truth, and I guess someone’s got to do it! It might just as well be me!” She smiled excitedly.

When they got back to the tree, it was suggested that Sky go home and catch up on sleep and to spend time with her grandmother Grace. Sky didn’t argue. She was tired. Very tired.
“We shall see you here around sunrise then Sky? Is that okay?” Asked Yellow Flower, playing with her young friend’s hair a little like a sister would.
“Yes that’s fine! I think I will have had enough sleep by then.”
“Oh Sky, one more thing,” she said, before throwing fairy dust over her. “Try not to eat any meat, it will stop the Invisibilitea from working properly, okay?”
“Okay! I can do that!” Said the young girl nodding, and she gave Yellow Flower a hug and Elm too, who got all embarrassed about it and made an excuse that he had to leave in a hurry. He was gone before they knew it!
Yellow Flower used her magic to send Sky into the cottage and back to her normal size. She looked around, hardly believing that they’d had a party in there the night before. She stretched and then walked out the door, and back towards the house. It seemed like a long walk. She didn’t stop to say hello. She just walked on through and climbed into bed, fairy dress, wings and all and fell into a deep sleep.