Nutlidge ~ Chapter Seven…


Chapter Seven…

A Golden Meeting

They walked back down the path chatting about all they had seen and walked up another bough before they came to a garden. The garden was very quaint and magical looking. Crystals hanging from bushes caught her eye and chimes rang, leaving lovely sounds to follow them down the path.
There were sculptures everywhere in amongst the moss and flowers. Ponds trickled with small waterfalls attracting brightly colourful birds. The air was fragrant and the closer they got to the house in the tree trunk the more they heard music.
As they walked Sky could hear a piano playing softly.
“Is that Yellow Flower playing that music?” she asked Florrel.
“Yes it is. Isn’t it lovely? She plays all sorts of instruments. She sings and writes and is very artistic. Just wait until you see her house! I know you’ll just love her.”
They came to the fairy’s front door and rang the bells that hung outside the doorway. Sky thought they were the most magical bells she had ever heard! The music came to a stop quite nicely and the door opened.
A lovely fairy, bright and vibrant stepped out to greet her visitors. She was tall and wore a gorgeous dress made of silk threads, that were soft and flowing and she had tiny flowers in her bodice. The fairy’s golden locks floated around her as if weightless, moving like a slow river around her head. It was long and thick and glittered in the sun like spun gold.
“Florrel, how lovely! I was just about to put some juice in a jug and find a nice spot in the garden to have lunch.”
“Hello my friend, how are you?” replied Florrel, as she gave her a peck on the cheek and a warm hug.
“This is our new friend Sky. She has come all the way from ‘The Garden’ to visit us. Sky, this is my friend Yellow Flower.”
Sky and Yellow Flower’s eyes met and they shook hands warmly, instantly liking each other.
“Hello.” Sky said, feeling like she was meeting someone very special.
“Well Sky, it is lovely to meet you. Please, come in.” And the golden fairy showed the way into her beautiful house.
Sky’s breath was taken away when she saw all the pieces of art around the living room and the way Yellow Flower had decorated her house. The lounge chairs were made of beautiful golden silk cocoons, decorated with colourful silk hand painted cushions. The little tables alongside each one was a decorated gumnut with a stand and a polished piece of bark on top with all the patterns accentuated by beautifully painted outlines.
Her floor mats were discarded butterfly wings and her grand piano was covered with colourful picture frames with favourite people painted within them. Pictures on the walls were all unique, painted or made by Yellow Flower herself. She ushered them to sit for a moment in the chairs while she finished making the juice. This gave Sky more time to finish looking at all the treasures around the room. There were handmade spider webs in the corners hanging up and decorated with crystal beads. Herbs and flowers hung dry from the ceiling, ready to use, and curtains made from silk to match the chairs, flowed in the breeze.
There were beautiful things made from crystals hanging all over the place, trinkets and spiritual tools such as a crystal ball, magic wand with a diamond star and unique statues filled shelves. Everywhere you looked; there was something unique to look at.
She came flowing back in and suggested that they perhaps sit in the bay window. She led the way, and they sat in a very pretty area adorned with ferns and plants that looked out over the tree. The sun was trickling in and it made a lovely spot to chat. Yellow flower poured a juice for all of them.
Sky couldn’t wait to say what she felt.
“You have a beautiful house Yellow Flower. You must love living here amongst all this beautiful artwork. And your garden is so pretty!”
“Oh, why thank you Sky. That’s very kind of you. I do enjoy what I do and I get a lot of satisfaction seeing a painting go to a good home.” she replied, and held her hand out elegantly as if to be receiving something, and the tray of cookies she had made that were still in the food preparation area, came sailing through the door and gently into her hand. “So what brings you up this way my enchanted friend?” she said happily, and handed her a cookie.
Sky had watched the plate of cookies fly in slowly and had an expression of sheer delight as she took one. “Well, I was playing in my grandma’s cottage when a Raven began talking to me and I followed it to the tree. I couldn’t resist climbing it, and I met Malley Gum and his son Curley and of course Florrel. I just think it’s wild that you’ve all been here so long and no-one knows!”
Yellow Flower smiled. “Ah, one day, humans will be awake enough to see many things which for now avoid the sleeping eye. It is only people such as you, that allow themselves to see the beauty outside of logical reality. You are obviously a gifted child, I can see that.”
Sky beamed and felt her cheeks redden. She wondered if she was really awake or if she was going to wake up in her bed soon. She pinched herself again just to make sure. She jumped from the pain of it and decided it must be real.
Yellow Flower noticed and said, “You still think you are dreaming Sky? Why allow your logical thoughts to spoil such an adventure?”
Sky looked at her and smiled timidly. Yellow Flower looked deeply at her. Then she frowned, “Why Sky, you are very worried about something, is it someone close to you?”
Sky looked at her. Her mother and her grandmother did this a lot too. They always seemed to know what she was feeling.
“Well, yes actually, I am a little worried about my brother Baize. His best mate was hurt very badly in the bombing in Bali. I’m not sure how Tommo is, I haven’t heard anything.”
Yellow Flower stared into her face as though looking through her and then said, “The young man is still alive. He is very ill though, badly burned and has deep wounds. But it will be his emotional scars that haunt him. However, you have acquired a crystal. It is a carved Staurolite and it is to be passed onto this one who is sick.”
“But I got it for Baize.” said Sky, trying to understand.
“It shall pass through Baizes hands and he will pass it on. You may not have to say anything. This will help the man to heal. It will be activated by the love between the two friends. It is a very sad thing this human aggression. I was talking to Elm about it only yesterday. He had some things he wanted to discuss with me. He wants to talk about what is happening in the tree.”
Florrel remembered what she had seen in the fairy glen.
“Yes, there seems to be something happening. Two fairies in the glen were looking extremely sad.”
“That’s unusual,” said the gold fairy with a concerned look upon her face. “Oh I do hope Elm calls in soon.”
Trying to lift the energy a little, Florrel poured another drink.
“How’s your bathing room going?” she said, “Last time I was here, you had just decided to pull out your old bathing pod to put a new one in. Has it been done yet?”
“Oh it is going fine! A little slow, but fine. All the rest has been done. I’m just waiting on the new bathing pod from Queensland! Actually by my calculations, it should be here by this afternoon. I can’t wait to soak in a crystal and herb bath again; I’ve missed it terribly! Not to worry,” she stated, handing the cookie plate around again, “It will be here soon enough!” With that she stood up and went over to her writing desk. As she approached it, she seemed to stare at the wall for a moment before grabbing onto the writing desk to steady herself.
“Holy webs!” she said quietly.
“Are you alright dear?” said Florrel, standing up to catch her if she fell.
“Well I’m not sure.” she said, with an uncertain look on her face. It was as if I lacked energy for a moment there. I’m sure I’ll be alright,” she said, still holding on to the desk.
“By the way Florrel, Elm said he was popping in today if you would like to catch up with him.”
“That would be nice. Malley is at the tea garden. I could send for him to come when…”
Before she could finish what she was saying there was a knock at the door.
“Well, that must be Elm!” said Yellow Flower, and went to the door, to find, not Elm the wizard, but a very tall nut man. He wasn’t from around the tree; that was obvious. He was created from a huge blackbean seedpod, which was quite bulbous in two places and his head was a blackbean seed with a funny nose. He had strong, lanky legs, long arms and huge feet. His hair was floaty, and there was lots of it, and he had tied it into a ponytail at the back. He wore a pair of overalls made from brownish leaves and had a huge stick cocoon for a shoulder bag. His short tail curled up slightly, protruding from his overalls.
“G’day!” he said happily, his voice deep and friendly. “Me name’s Blacko!” And he shook her hand in a business like manner. “I do believe I have something you have been waiting patiently for, you being, Yellow Flower?”
“Yes! My bathing pod! Oh Blacko! Welcome! You must have had a long journey.” she replied, leading him to a place in the garden where he could sit comfortably. Florrel and Sky heard the conversation and came out to see the new pod and the man who was delivering it.
They were introduced and sat on the mushrooms around the garden table as Florrel poured Blacko a drink.
“Actually it was a much longer journey than I expected. All sorts of things went wrong on the way, hey! My transport Albatross got cut short. The poor old dear got crook on the way from New South Wales from the pollution! I had to get another one for all the gear I had to deliver. I had a large boat in amongst the load also and it took me a day, but I found some help and got it loaded again. Then there was a freak storm, and I lost one of the bathing pods!”
“No! You poor thing!” said Yellow Flower, sympathising with him.
“But it’s all right; it was only a sample anyway. I have yours right near the garden gate.”
Yellow Flower smiled at him in anticipation, but continued the conversation to allow Blacko to finish his drink.
“So how are things in your part of Australia Blacko?” she asked.
“Pretty good. Can’t complain, they keep me busy and that’s how I like it. Hey! I tell you what. Something big is happening in the forests in Queensland though! The energy has dropped considerably, nature folk are losing their powers, animals are getting sick and frogs are disappearing! So I guess things aren’t so good environmentally.”
“Oh how awful!” the three ladies all said together in horror.
“Yeah!” he said, casually nodding his head. “It’s not looking good. They’re chopping down the forests faster than we can move our people! It’s getting really difficult. There is a conference to talk about the situation if any of your folk want to join in. I guess we could do with as much help as we can get!”
He took a long well earned drink out of his large gumnut mug.
“Oh yes, well I would definitely be interested in that!” replied Yellow Flower, wide eyed. “Perhaps once we have the bathing pod inside, we can talk about the matter further.”
“No worries there. I’ll just go back and grab it, you make sure there’s a space for me to put it down and we’re right.” He got up and headed for the garden gate.
Yellow Flower was excited about her bathing pod, but more concerned with what was happening to the Nutleys and folk of the trees. She was hearing more and more things that weren’t really supposed to be happening, and she herself felt way out of whack. There was definitely something unusual going on.
Sky was horrified to hear what her fellow humans were doing all in the name of money. It was obviously hurting the people of the trees far more than even they realised. Not to mention the damage caused by the loss of forests everywhere! ‘It’s so silly,’ she thought as she looked at these magnificent creations of life, ‘to think that they are destroying the air that keeps us alive and yet they manage to allow it to happen. What happens when they’ve cut the last tree down? What then?’ She stared at the floor almost in shame, thinking about the consequences of people’s ignorant actions.
Before they took another step, a rumble was heard and they watched a cup on the table wobble slightly.
Suddenly, the whole place shook around them. Pots fell over, leaves and nuts showered them all and birds took off with fright from the foliage. They all fell about losing their balance, ending up on the floor. Then just as suddenly as it had begun, it stopped, leaving them all shaken and bewildered.


Nutlidge ~ Chapter Eight

Nutlidge  Chapter Eight

The Hall of Records

Deep into the roots of the tree, down into the blackness and tangled mass of livelihood, a dark creature was stirring. Amidst the dark tunnels and caves in the undergrowth of mulch and worms, moved a finger sticking out of the cave wall. It was long and dirty and its nail was extremely long and bowed, hosting chunks of clay and sand. Little by little, with slow movements, the finger wiggled about, determined to get out of its muddy jail.
It moved some rock and a most grotesque bony hand with three fingers and a thumb broke free. The ground shook around it, working its way up to the tree’s massive boughs where nutleys and tree folk were busy going about their daily lives. Items began to fall over, people began calling out and screaming for their lives and little nuttles were crying loudly from the fright.
Food on tables went everywhere, making a terrible mess. Nutley horses reared up on back legs and even the Nirds coming in to land had trouble navigating their way. One of them crashed into the main tree trunk wall, bringing down with it the Nutlidge sign and just missing a family of four nutleys. Ducks flapped and waddled everywhere, and birds took off in startled flight as things fell around them.
The tree stopped shaking and everything came to a standstill. There was a big pause before people began to talk amongst themselves. Moving around, picking themselves and others up off the floor, the Nutlidge folk tried to work out what had caused the tree to shake as viciously as it did.
Malley Gum and Coral were doing much the same thing, making sure their customers were all okay. Once Malley knew that everything and everyone was fine, including Curley, he left Coral and Curley to tidy up with a friend and headed up the tree after Florrel and Sky. He knew they would be at Yellow Flowers place.

Back at the garden of Yellow Flower, Blacko, Yellow Flower, Sky and Florrel and now Yellow Flower’s pet galah Dusty, were all composing themselves after the frightful scare.
“Is anyone hurt?” said the fairy, looking around at her guests and lifted Dusty off the ground stroking him affectionately.
“Oh you poor thing, are you alright?” she asked the galah. He was fairly ruffled with his crest sticking up and his eyes were wide open in fright.
“What on earth was that?” Florrel said, dusting herself off. “I’ve never experienced anything quite like it before.”
“I’m not sure,” said Yellow Flower helping Sky off the floor, “but, I think it’s time we found out!”
Before they could say another word they heard a voice coming from somewhere above them. It got louder and louder, calling out,
“Yellow Flower, Yellow Flower! I’m having trouble! Please focus on me if you would!” And as Yellow Flower focused on the person behind the voice she said. “It’s Elm! He’s having trouble getting here!”
There was a whirling noise that also got louder and louder and then suddenly a space in the garden filled itself with bright glittering blue and gold mist that was filled with tiny lightning bolts and spirals. A group of bats actually appeared first, flapping around the mist, which was growing brighter by the second.
Suddenly it exploded into what looked like a fireworks display and there left standing in the mist of it all was a very tall and bedraggled wizard. He was still spinning, and so much so, that he keeled over from the strenuous journey.
As he tried to get up, he waved the bats away, but they weren’t going anywhere. The bats were a spell gone wrong and he hadn’t been able to get rid of them for at least a day now. It was frightfully annoying!
Florrel and Sky helped the wizard to his feet as he fumbled about, trying to get his balance.
Elm was a kind and popular wizard whom everyone loved. He was very powerful, but he was also very clumsy. He stood as tall as Blacko, with a floor length mane of silver hair and a beard that frequently got in the way. His hat was high and covered with real diamonds cut into stars and he had a kind old face.
“Oh my goodness me!” he huffed and puffed, “That was a journey and a half! I could have sworn I said it the right way, or maybe it is to do with the tree shaking… However!” he said, pointing his finger upwards to make a point, “I have just been to see Lord Nutwood and he gave me the key to the Hall of Records.” He fumbled around looking for the key in one of his many pockets. He pulled out a very long scarf and a frog, and from another he pulled out a wand and a bag of herbs. Another pocket contained a dozen beetles and in there he found the key.
“Here it is!” he laughed. “Let us not waste any time at all dear Yellow Flower! We must find out what is causing the very foundations of the tree to shake like it did!”
Blacko came around the corner carrying the pod, a little shaken.
“Are you alright Blacko?” said Yellow Flower.
He nodded. “Yup, no worries! Just a bit amazed that’s all.”
“What do you mean?” said Sky; curious as to what could be more amazing than what had just happened.
“Well I reckon, that for something to be able to shake a tree of this size it must be either an earthquake, or a pretty mighty force of a negative kind…” They all looked at him blankly. “Well, it’s not exactly a build up of positive energy is it?” he added, and continuing into the tree house, put the bath down in the bathing room as the others all looked at each other. He came back out dusting off his hands. “As far as I know, the meeting with the Federation of Nature Spirits is to be held just outside of Cairns, in North Queensland. If you need a lift, I can take you there. I’m on my way back now.”
“Thank you so much Blacko, I do appreciate your offer,” said Yellow Flower, “but we need to get to the ancient library first. But listen, we just might see you at the gathering. Will you look out for us?”
“Yup sure thing! I’ll even save you a seat. Hey do you need a hand cleaning up here?”
“Thanks Blacko but we’ll manage. You had better get your deliveries finished. I’ll probably see you at the gathering in Queensland.”
“Well, folks, I’ll be seeing ya. Take care of yourselves now.” And he waved as he walked up the pathway to the gate.
“He was a nice nut man.” said Sky, watching him disappear around the bush.
“Yes, the Blackbean people are genuine and kind people,” said Florrel. “They live their lives similar to us, but in warmer, more tropical surroundings. We often see them delivering things to the tree. They are always polite.”
Yellow Flower suddenly realised that she had not introduced her guest to her old friend.
“By the way, Elm, this is our new friend, Sky. Sky, the amazing Elm…” she smiled cheekily.
“Ah, I’m delighted my child! Welcome to Nutlidge! And what an introduction! It’s not always shaking like this you know, so not to worry!”
“Pleased to meet you Elm,” said Sky also smiling. She took an instant liking to him and his eccentric personality. The bats were still flying around him!
Elm began to look through his pockets again for his wand and a bag of magical powder. “I do believe we need to get to this meeting and be there on time. Therefore we must away to the Hall of Records!”
Malley came running down the path and slowed down when he saw them all standing there. They were obviously all right. Florrel went to greet him and gave him a warm hug.
“Well! That was a bit of a shake up! I trust you are all unhurt?” he said, rather calmly.
“I think we are more confused than hurt,” said Sky, racking her brain to work out what was going on.
“Is Curley alright?” asked Florrel.
“Yes, he’s with Coral at the tea garden,” he replied.
“Bit of a mess down there. I’ll have to go back and give them a hand to clean up.”
“Malley, we are heading for the Hall of Records, perhaps you would like to come with us?” enquired Elm, knowing that Malley Gum wouldn’t miss an opportunity for adventure. Malley thought about it for a moment.
“Yes, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.” he replied. “It’s not likely to take all day is it?”
“Well then, let’s go shall we?” said Elm, and before anyone could say another word he threw a handful of magic dust over them all and called out, “To the Hall of Records!” And they all disappeared in a purple cloud of lightning enforced energy.

They re-appeared in a garden similar to the fairy glen, but it was much darker and there were no fairies flying around. It seemed to be near the top of the tree, yet the vines and thick masses of gum leaves and gumnuts of all kinds, kept out a lot of the sunlight.
They stood looking at the huge door before them. It hadn’t been opened for some time and there was ivy growing just about all over it. There were tall windows that towered them were made of dragonfly wings. Mushrooms of all kinds flourished and frogs of all colours hopped about their feet. Elm went looking for the key in his pockets again, which took him a moment or two.
“This is creepy,” said Sky, moving closer to Yellow Flower, who was opening a nut jar of fireflies to help with the darkness. They flew around and gave them enough light to see with. “I’ll just have a look through the windows upstairs,” said Yellow Flower, and she rose from the moss-covered floor, flying up to the windows, which were quite high. They held the second floor of the ancient library.
They were all concentrating on Yellow Flower and Elm so much that they failed to notice several tall, strange creatures creeping up from out of the bushes behind them. Yellow Flower came down and landed softly.
“There is no-one there,” she said, “which is unusual, because it is supposed to be guarded.”
Sky watched the Elm try to get the key into the keyhole when the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and a shiver went down her spine.
“This place really gives me the creeps!” she whispered and as she did, she looked casually over her shoulder and out of the corner of her eye saw tall dark figures swaying behind her.
She screamed loudly, pushing herself backwards a little from the shock, and they all jumped around to see where the source of the fear was coming from.
They all froze with eyes wide. At least six of these creatures stood swaying slowly in the darkness. They were much taller than the group, and seemed to tower over them.
Suddenly a green light began to light up, throwing more light all around them. The creatures suddenly became clear to them. They were a type of bird. They had large bodies; long necks and their heads were long and lumpy looking. Their hair was like feathers going all the way down their long necks a little like a horse’s mane. They had a large feather down their front, and feet that looked more like three fingered hands.
They were all staring at the group before them. If they hadn’t been so innocent looking, the friends would have all been paralyzed with fright. However, the swaying creatures stood proud, and the wizard was the first to speak.
“It’s the Freds!” he said, almost with relief in his voice. “Yes! Of course, now I remember. They’re the Freds. There are twelve of them, and they’re quite harmless. They guard the Hall of Records and have done so for centuries.”
One of the Freds spoke.
“Sginteerg” he said in a funny voice.
They all looked at each other, wondering what it had said.
“Uoy gnitcepxe neeb evah ew.” said the Fred, waiting for an answer.
“I didn’t realise they spoke a different language.” said Elm, scratching his head.
“I think I might know what kind of language it is.” said Malley Gum, “I do believe he is speaking backwards!”
The Freds continued to watch the group closely, swaying as they sat.
“Ereh egrahc ni si ohw?” he spoke again. His big eyes blinked gently at them.
“Does anyone have a writing stick?” asked Yellow Flower.
“Yes, I do,” said Florrel, groping in her cocoon. She came out with a piece of paper and a quill that had hardly any feather left on it. Yellow Flower scribbled down what he said and studied it for a moment. “This could be tricky; I think we might need a little help.” She looked inside her cocoon for something and came out with a gumnut pot. It had tiny containers of all kinds of tea in it. She opened one and placed the contents in her palm and closed her eyes for a moment. Then she slowly placed the tea before the Fred’s and pointed to it with her finger:
“Voice and words that tease our ears,
Break the code and take our fears,
Make it clear so we can see,
Thank you, Adaptabilitea!”
The dry tea floated up and became a glittering mass of yellow and gold light that swirled around them and the Freds.
It soon died down and disappeared leaving them all standing looking at each other.
The Fred, who had spoken before, gave his head a shake. It was like watching a horse shake his mane. Then he said, in his distinguished voice, “Greetings.” and then looked at Yellow Flower, adding, “Thank you.”
The group all sighed with relief, and relaxed their somewhat tense muscles.
“Well done Yellow Flower!” said Elm happily, “I might have known you’d have a solution.”
“We have been expecting you,” said the Fred, “Lord Nutwood sent a message to say that you were coming. If we can be of any assistance, we are at your service.”
He looked at Elm and the bats that flew consistently around his head. “Perhaps I can be of assistance to you sir!” he said kindly, and with his eyes and a fine electrical impulse he seemed to remove the spell and sent the bats off packing.
“Oh how wonderful!” cried the wizard, “Do you know I was beginning to get extremely dizzy! How can I ever thank you?”
“That is unnecessary. But please use the key to open the door to the Hall of Records. We shall find out what is lurking beneath the tree…” And he waited for Elm to turn the key and open the door.
The doorway was high enough for even the Freds to walk under with out lowering their heads. The ceiling was very high, painted in water colour, the images of the first Nutlidge settlement, twenty thousand years ago and the walls were crammed with books from floor to ceiling. Several ladders were scattered around the massive hall for retrieving books from the highest bookshelves.
Elm led the way into the great Hall of Records with the Freds, now having grown to twelve, following them.
The hall dwarfed them all as they gazed about themselves.
“Where do you suppose we start?” said Elm, half laughing, half struck with confusion.
“What about earthquakes?” said Sky, feeling more confident.
“Or what about the tree’s records?” said Malley, “Surely there must be masses of information about the tree’s history.”
“May I suggest,” said a Fred in a grave voice, as he stepped from the crowd of strange flightless birds, “that you look for the original manuscript labelled ‘Nutlidge’. Look for the chapter on Negative Elements. There you will find your answer.” He stepped back into the crowd of ancient birds, allowing their group of visitors to go and look for the book.
It didn’t take them long as it was on a huge pedestal towards the back of the hall in between shelving. A space had been designed around the pedestal and its host, and on it was a huge bark covered manuscript the size of a kitchen table, bulging with content.
Elm, Yellow Flower, Malley Gum, Florrel and Sky all clambered up the four steps to the main platform. They gathered around the huge book with the words beautifully carved into the book’s thick cover and so highly decorated it was, that they all took the time to study its design. Elm, who was in front of the large book at that moment, and feeling empowered by its presence, carefully opened the heavy bark cover.

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Nine

Nutlidge  ~ Chapter Nine

The Wisdom of the Freds

The pages in the book were made from thick paper bark and were so old, that some had turned to dust. The edges of the paper were worn, but the writing was magnificent! It was written in a type of rough but artistic calligraphy with lots of curls and swirls coming from added ivy. It was also decorated with gumnuts, leaves, berries and flowers, and each page was stunning.
However, there was no time to spend studying each page, and Elm, with Yellow Flower’s help, turned the pages to the back. They soon found what they were looking for.
Elm called out. “Let there be light,” and the huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling came alight with a thousand candles. The hall was lit up like the brightness of day.
‘Negative Elements’ read the heading and under it was listed many minor headings.
Elm read through the list quietly. “Ah Ha!” He stated, and then read:
“Wild and aggressive birds, Woodcutters, Cyclones, Energy loss, Earthquakes, Ancient evil, Human thoughts.” He looked around the group peering into the book. They all looked up at him at once and all mentioned a different title.
“Oh… right!” Said the wizard, hoping that they would
pick the first one to read. “Well then, perhaps we shall try earthquakes, since what ever it was shook the living nuts out of the tree!” He turned to the page and began to read:

“The Tree of Nutlidge, is immune
To earthquake, flood or famine,
But if the tree should shake itself,
Then this you should examine…

If it is thus accompanied,
With a massive loss in energy,
Read the page on Ancient Evil,
To find what ails the tree.”

They all looked at each other again before Sky spoke.
“It’s definitely not an earthquake then.” She said. Elm was already looking up the page on Ancient Evil, and turned to it quickly.
He read out loud:

“To those who think that ‘evil’ is,
A force that cannot die,
Think again and turn it round,
And ‘live’, will catch your eye.

The creature stirring restlessly,
Beneath the roots and worms,
Is growing daily with its food,
Of negative thoughts and germs.

It paints a truthful picture,
A mirror image finds,
Manifesting all the thoughts,
Alive in human minds.
As the energy that was so pure,
Is slowly overcome,
Podsinia will rise again,
To challenge… and have fun.

The only way to win the duel,
Is to raise the thoughts of love,
To help the humans ‘live’ again,
With blessings from above.

To each and everyone was given
A gift to use with heart,
‘Free will’ it is and still it stands
For you to choose your path.

There is a God of Love not War,
One God who loves us all,
We’re small Gods making up the whole,
To make One God of All.

The choice is yours oh ‘Human Beings’
Who will not ‘Be’, but ‘Do’,
Endure with thoughts of love, not hate,
Or our world suffers too.

To change the minds of many,
Can take but only One,
A drink for thee, of Honestea,
And then thine shall be done!

They all stood quietly, taking in the poem and its meaning. The enormity of it seemed overwhelming. Yellow Flower was the first one to speak.
“So… the script is saying that the negative energy around the world, created by thought alone, is crippling the planet and the energy in our tree, and there is an evil creature called ‘Podsinia’ escaping from her jail cell under the tree to cause a problem or two…”
Malley continued. “Who by the way, is a manifestation of the negative energy around the world and the only way to fix the problem and to get rid of Podsinia is to get people sending out more loving and positive thoughts.”
Sky, suddenly realised what her purpose in all this was. “To do that, we must go to where the government bodies sit and talk about global matters, and make sure their tea is spiked with ‘Honestea!’”
“Ah, yes!” Agreed Elm, “they need encouragement to tell the truth! That is what is needed. Of course!”
“I’ll do it!” Said Sky, before anyone could say anything. “I’ll find a way of getting to that conference! They are all meeting in France for the anti-terrorist campaign in a few days. Is there a way we can get there quickly?”
“Yes, of course,” replied Yellow Flower. “There is always a way to do anything!” She placed her hands on her hips, ready to start making plans.
“Firstly we need to get to the Federation of Nature Spirits,” she said. She looked at Sky, who was still dressed as a fairy and said. “Sky. This involves many risks. The magic between your world and ours, can only work if used with faith, clarity and pure unconditional love. This could change your life considerably. Do you really want to do this?”
Sky looked at the fairy and then at the other members of her group and thought long and hard. Finally she said, “I have to do this for Baize. And I have to do it for Nutlidge, and…I have to do it for humanity and… Oh what do you think I should do?” Suddenly, she was overwhelmed with it all. “So, umm…”
The white haired Fred cut her off mid sentence. “It is understandable that you seek approval from us, but in truth, the only approval you need, is your own. Follow your truth. What then, do you choose? For it can only happen, how you choose it to happen. If you are going to do anything at all, you must do it for your self. There lies the greatest truth of all. Your self is a reflection of the whole. This is your reality Sky. This is your creation. Be mindful of your thoughts, for what you place out there, will manifest itself into your reality.” There was a long pause.
Sky stared at the Fred for ages, but didn’t really see him after a while. What did she choose? Did she want to go back and walk away from it all and ignore it, hoping it would go away? Or was she to get herself involved and do what no other at this time could contemplate doing?
‘I did wonder what I could do to help with the fighting in the world. Maybe this is why I’m here…’ she thought. The group around her waited patiently, silently, and without pressure for her answer.
‘I feel…very strongly about this, there’s simply no other way to go…’ She thought.
Finally, she looked around herself and the hall and its massive walls and bookshelves. She thought of the city in all its splendour, the nutleys and the vast array of tree folk and how wonderful their life was here. A picture of Curley went across her mind as she glanced at Malley and Florrel. She thought of her family, Fran, Baize, Grandma, and her friend Tommo. Something had to be done. Did she choose to go through with this?
“Yes. I choose to do this for the good of everyone!” She smiled as she saw her friends get excited about the prospects of it all. They were proud of her and pleased that she felt that she could do such a feat.
Florrel copied the poem down on the paper bark she had given Yellow Flower. As she did this, the Fred’s shuffled around talking between themselves until one from the crowd of twelve said,
“Perhaps you would like some refreshments while you are choosing your path.” He turned to face the main doors, capturing everyone’s gaze.
The Freds began to hum, softly at first, but then they got louder and louder. Just when they all thought they were going to get too loud, they stopped.
There was silence for a moment, and then, suddenly in flew hundreds of birds bearing fruit, nuts and berries.
They filled an area equal to three baths, and when they had finished delivering their loads, the birds disappeared, leaving them to contemplate a delicious feed, and Yellow Flower commented,
“I never did get around to making lunch now did I?” and flew down from the pedestal to have some fruit.
The others followed, gathering around the smorgasbord with the Freds.
“Thank you kindly.” Said Yellow Flower to her hosts.
“Yes, this is extraordinary!” Said Elm, as he reached for a plum.
Sky sat down on the floor, grinning with delight and helped herself to some nectarines.
“This is wonderful!” She said between bites. “What else do you do?” She asked the Fred next to her.
He looked at her with his big puppy dog eyes and still swaying from side to side. “We write books, eat fruit and guard the Hall of Records.” He said in a matter of fact way.
“Fascinating.” Began Malley Gum, who was tucking into some grapes. “What is it that you write about especially?”
Another Fred spoke this time.
“Life.” He said.
“Truth.” Said another.
“Joy.” Said yet another.
“Love.” Said one with an eyeglass.
“So do you write stories?” Asked Yellow Flower, addressing all of them.
“Only of Truth.” Replied a Fred, with hair much whiter than the rest. “We write the messages from the Great One.”
The group before him stared wide-eyed.
Yellow Flower thought for a moment.
“Are you talking about the books in Lord Nutleys collection? They are wonderful stories.”
“They are but a few of the volumes we have written over the many millennia, and they are journals of Life.” Said the white haired Fred again, “They are the past, the present and the future.”
“I write books too.” Replied Yellow Flower. “But they’re just stories for nuttles and baby folk. They’re not as wonderful as the books you write.”
“Do you think the Great One’s voice would not touch your ears Golden One?” He looked her intensely, but kindly, and said, “You who writes books also, of Love, Joy and Truth. Do you not think it comes from the Great God of All That Is? From your Heart? After all, aren’t we all a part of that same Great Energy?”
The fairy along with her friends, listened intently to what he had to say. They stopped eating for a moment.
“If what one has written does not include Love, Joy or Truth, then perhaps it is from another source. We are all messengers for the same truth. It does not matter what belief we are born under, or from which planet we come from, we are still acknowledged and spoken to by the Great One. Each and every one of us. But, because it does not come down bellowing from the sky, people do not believe it is the Great One and ignore what it is telling them…
“His words come through other people, animals, through messages on rocks, through stories and in what the humans call ‘films’. Her messages come through flowers, the birth of another ‘nuttle’, and,” he said, even more sincerely looked at Florrel and Mally Gum and then at Sky, “through pictures in clouds.”
Sky blushed and smiled at the same time. An overwhelming feeling filled her. Goosebumps rose on her arms again and she knew she had been on the right track all this time. And that felt good.
“So you see, we can all be guided by the Great Energy and Her messages, if we choose to see them. As all of you here know, synchronicity always holds a message for us. We must always know that the messages, the answers to our questions, are already there within us. Even before we ask!”
“That is so true!” Said Sky with wide eyes. “My grandma taught me how to create the things I desire. She said ‘If there is something you would like but don’t have the money, just genuinely thank the universe for it in advance, and it will come to you, somehow.’ And it does! And the more I take notice of the synchronicities and messages around me, the more they happen! It gives me confirmation that I’m on the right track!” Sky looked at the Freds with appreciation. “Thankyou.”
“God has chosen the right child for the mission,” Stated the Fred, “but you will need help from Merlin to be sure that the magic you use is strong enough to penetrate the human logical mind. It is only possible if the veil of logic can be peeled away from the human psyche, to reveal the truth of what is really happening in their world.”
“But doesn’t Merlin live in the South of France?” Said Florrel, becoming more confident.
“Yes indeed he does.” Said the Fred, “and he is expecting you to arrive in three days. It is the same day as the World Leader Summit. He has a potion that you will mix with the tea. This will strengthen the magic ten-fold and will ensure its results.
“Therefore, you must see him before you go to the gathering of world leaders. The potions must be mixed in, and the thought intent, which must accompany it, should be one of Unconditional Love and Divine Purpose. We do not choose to change the path of the world for selfish reasons. The truths that shall come forth from this event shall ultimately change the way humans think to a far more positive and a more advanced level of vibration.
“This will open their eyes and their hearts to the wonders that are really there for them. Once they see this, there will be no reason to fight over material things. They will not need money. And they will make sure that the starving are fed and the homeless are sheltered and that everyone has their dignity. This will be a landmark in the spiritual progress of human kind. Only then, when their weapons exist no more, and they stand alongside their women and their neighbours in peace and in balance with each other, can they truly say that they are an intelligent species.”
This statement from the white haired Fred came as a profound realisation to all those present. They all ate heartily but quietly as they thought about what the Fred had said to them.
Elm and Yellow Flower, Malley and Coral, and Sky all slowly prepared to leave the great Hall of Records.
Yellow Flower closed the book of Nutlidge and thanked the old Freds for their assistance.
“We know your journey’s success is already assured, have total trust in your intuition at all times,” said the white haired Fred to Sky. “And, may we assist you in returning to your tree house?” He added, looking enquiringly at Yellow Flower.
“Yes, that would be most appreciated. Thank you.” Replied Yellow Flower, and she gathered them all up to prepare for transportation back to her garden.
Sky had one more thing to say and stepped forward,
“Thank you.” She said looking at the Freds, but mainly at the Fred with the white hair.
“Thank you.” he replied somewhat bowing at her. Their gaze met for another moment and then the Freds all said “Farewell!” and the small group disappeared in a flash of white sparkling crystal light.