Nutlidge ~ Chapter One…

Part One:
Welcome to Nutlidge
The Door Opens…

Sky flew along the peaceful riverbank, as the warm summer breeze swept wildly through her long hair.
She held her arms out wide and navigated the cliff face well. Past overhanging trees and exposed rock, she then took off, speeding over the treetops and into the blue above! Up she soared, faster and faster until she flew right up past the clouds. The view was incredible! A picture of another world, a cloud world surrounded her.
The scene before her took her breath away as she focused on the details for a brief moment. Clouds puffed up to look like people, landscapes and trees. To the right was a large treasure chest. Majestic, magical, and golden edged. Clouds were one of Sky’s favourite things.
Taking her mind back to the river, Sky plummeted down towards the valley again, making her take another deep breath, as her belly reeled with excitement!
This made her roll over in bed with a big smile on her face.
She slowed down a little as the water seemed to approach quickly, and she gazed around as she flew freely above the surface. She zigzagged and sprayed water with her feet skimming across the top. The unusual sensation made her laugh out loud and before she knew it, two pelicans were skimming along with her!
Across the river and sticking out of the cliff face near the water level, was a big knotty old eucalyptus tree, spread out far and wide. Sky loved these old trees and flew across the river with ease. She landed on a branch covered with beautiful patterns and big green gum leaves in a mass at the end of it.
She looked out towards the river and saw that the Australian sun was just coming up over the cliffs, showering the tree with gold light. All the colours in the patterns turned brighter autumn shades illuminating the tree. She walked down the branch, past a purple and lavender coloured Eagle that acknowledged her, then, continued preening its feathers. Her grandmother had told her once that eagles were a symbol of the Great Spirit, so she knew she was ‘on the right track’.
As Sky walked closer to the trunk, she realised that there was a door embedded into it. It was a little round-topped door, about the same height as her, and had a golden gumnut for a handle. The whole door was glowing, and Sky stood looking at it for some time.
It wasn’t the first time she had been here at this door. She wanted to open it and go through, but hesitated.
“This door is becoming very familiar to me, Eagle.” She looked at the Eagle again, and he had been watching her whilst preening his purple feathers. He was tapping at the branch he was sitting on, as if cleaning his beak. She felt confident all of a sudden.
“It’s time for me to pluck up the courage and go in! Right?” She asked firmly, but was instantly anxious at the thought of what might be behind it. Fear zapped through her, creating goose bumps on her arms, but she wasn’t going to let it stop her anymore.
Sky slowly went to grab hold of the door handle but before she touched it, the door opened itself…

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