Nutlidge ~ Chapter Nine

Nutlidge  ~ Chapter Nine

The Wisdom of the Freds

The pages in the book were made from thick paper bark and were so old, that some had turned to dust. The edges of the paper were worn, but the writing was magnificent! It was written in a type of rough but artistic calligraphy with lots of curls and swirls coming from added ivy. It was also decorated with gumnuts, leaves, berries and flowers, and each page was stunning.
However, there was no time to spend studying each page, and Elm, with Yellow Flower’s help, turned the pages to the back. They soon found what they were looking for.
Elm called out. “Let there be light,” and the huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling came alight with a thousand candles. The hall was lit up like the brightness of day.
‘Negative Elements’ read the heading and under it was listed many minor headings.
Elm read through the list quietly. “Ah Ha!” He stated, and then read:
“Wild and aggressive birds, Woodcutters, Cyclones, Energy loss, Earthquakes, Ancient evil, Human thoughts.” He looked around the group peering into the book. They all looked up at him at once and all mentioned a different title.
“Oh… right!” Said the wizard, hoping that they would
pick the first one to read. “Well then, perhaps we shall try earthquakes, since what ever it was shook the living nuts out of the tree!” He turned to the page and began to read:

“The Tree of Nutlidge, is immune
To earthquake, flood or famine,
But if the tree should shake itself,
Then this you should examine…

If it is thus accompanied,
With a massive loss in energy,
Read the page on Ancient Evil,
To find what ails the tree.”

They all looked at each other again before Sky spoke.
“It’s definitely not an earthquake then.” She said. Elm was already looking up the page on Ancient Evil, and turned to it quickly.
He read out loud:

“To those who think that ‘evil’ is,
A force that cannot die,
Think again and turn it round,
And ‘live’, will catch your eye.

The creature stirring restlessly,
Beneath the roots and worms,
Is growing daily with its food,
Of negative thoughts and germs.

It paints a truthful picture,
A mirror image finds,
Manifesting all the thoughts,
Alive in human minds.
As the energy that was so pure,
Is slowly overcome,
Podsinia will rise again,
To challenge… and have fun.

The only way to win the duel,
Is to raise the thoughts of love,
To help the humans ‘live’ again,
With blessings from above.

To each and everyone was given
A gift to use with heart,
‘Free will’ it is and still it stands
For you to choose your path.

There is a God of Love not War,
One God who loves us all,
We’re small Gods making up the whole,
To make One God of All.

The choice is yours oh ‘Human Beings’
Who will not ‘Be’, but ‘Do’,
Endure with thoughts of love, not hate,
Or our world suffers too.

To change the minds of many,
Can take but only One,
A drink for thee, of Honestea,
And then thine shall be done!

They all stood quietly, taking in the poem and its meaning. The enormity of it seemed overwhelming. Yellow Flower was the first one to speak.
“So… the script is saying that the negative energy around the world, created by thought alone, is crippling the planet and the energy in our tree, and there is an evil creature called ‘Podsinia’ escaping from her jail cell under the tree to cause a problem or two…”
Malley continued. “Who by the way, is a manifestation of the negative energy around the world and the only way to fix the problem and to get rid of Podsinia is to get people sending out more loving and positive thoughts.”
Sky, suddenly realised what her purpose in all this was. “To do that, we must go to where the government bodies sit and talk about global matters, and make sure their tea is spiked with ‘Honestea!’”
“Ah, yes!” Agreed Elm, “they need encouragement to tell the truth! That is what is needed. Of course!”
“I’ll do it!” Said Sky, before anyone could say anything. “I’ll find a way of getting to that conference! They are all meeting in France for the anti-terrorist campaign in a few days. Is there a way we can get there quickly?”
“Yes, of course,” replied Yellow Flower. “There is always a way to do anything!” She placed her hands on her hips, ready to start making plans.
“Firstly we need to get to the Federation of Nature Spirits,” she said. She looked at Sky, who was still dressed as a fairy and said. “Sky. This involves many risks. The magic between your world and ours, can only work if used with faith, clarity and pure unconditional love. This could change your life considerably. Do you really want to do this?”
Sky looked at the fairy and then at the other members of her group and thought long and hard. Finally she said, “I have to do this for Baize. And I have to do it for Nutlidge, and…I have to do it for humanity and… Oh what do you think I should do?” Suddenly, she was overwhelmed with it all. “So, umm…”
The white haired Fred cut her off mid sentence. “It is understandable that you seek approval from us, but in truth, the only approval you need, is your own. Follow your truth. What then, do you choose? For it can only happen, how you choose it to happen. If you are going to do anything at all, you must do it for your self. There lies the greatest truth of all. Your self is a reflection of the whole. This is your reality Sky. This is your creation. Be mindful of your thoughts, for what you place out there, will manifest itself into your reality.” There was a long pause.
Sky stared at the Fred for ages, but didn’t really see him after a while. What did she choose? Did she want to go back and walk away from it all and ignore it, hoping it would go away? Or was she to get herself involved and do what no other at this time could contemplate doing?
‘I did wonder what I could do to help with the fighting in the world. Maybe this is why I’m here…’ she thought. The group around her waited patiently, silently, and without pressure for her answer.
‘I feel…very strongly about this, there’s simply no other way to go…’ She thought.
Finally, she looked around herself and the hall and its massive walls and bookshelves. She thought of the city in all its splendour, the nutleys and the vast array of tree folk and how wonderful their life was here. A picture of Curley went across her mind as she glanced at Malley and Florrel. She thought of her family, Fran, Baize, Grandma, and her friend Tommo. Something had to be done. Did she choose to go through with this?
“Yes. I choose to do this for the good of everyone!” She smiled as she saw her friends get excited about the prospects of it all. They were proud of her and pleased that she felt that she could do such a feat.
Florrel copied the poem down on the paper bark she had given Yellow Flower. As she did this, the Fred’s shuffled around talking between themselves until one from the crowd of twelve said,
“Perhaps you would like some refreshments while you are choosing your path.” He turned to face the main doors, capturing everyone’s gaze.
The Freds began to hum, softly at first, but then they got louder and louder. Just when they all thought they were going to get too loud, they stopped.
There was silence for a moment, and then, suddenly in flew hundreds of birds bearing fruit, nuts and berries.
They filled an area equal to three baths, and when they had finished delivering their loads, the birds disappeared, leaving them to contemplate a delicious feed, and Yellow Flower commented,
“I never did get around to making lunch now did I?” and flew down from the pedestal to have some fruit.
The others followed, gathering around the smorgasbord with the Freds.
“Thank you kindly.” Said Yellow Flower to her hosts.
“Yes, this is extraordinary!” Said Elm, as he reached for a plum.
Sky sat down on the floor, grinning with delight and helped herself to some nectarines.
“This is wonderful!” She said between bites. “What else do you do?” She asked the Fred next to her.
He looked at her with his big puppy dog eyes and still swaying from side to side. “We write books, eat fruit and guard the Hall of Records.” He said in a matter of fact way.
“Fascinating.” Began Malley Gum, who was tucking into some grapes. “What is it that you write about especially?”
Another Fred spoke this time.
“Life.” He said.
“Truth.” Said another.
“Joy.” Said yet another.
“Love.” Said one with an eyeglass.
“So do you write stories?” Asked Yellow Flower, addressing all of them.
“Only of Truth.” Replied a Fred, with hair much whiter than the rest. “We write the messages from the Great One.”
The group before him stared wide-eyed.
Yellow Flower thought for a moment.
“Are you talking about the books in Lord Nutleys collection? They are wonderful stories.”
“They are but a few of the volumes we have written over the many millennia, and they are journals of Life.” Said the white haired Fred again, “They are the past, the present and the future.”
“I write books too.” Replied Yellow Flower. “But they’re just stories for nuttles and baby folk. They’re not as wonderful as the books you write.”
“Do you think the Great One’s voice would not touch your ears Golden One?” He looked her intensely, but kindly, and said, “You who writes books also, of Love, Joy and Truth. Do you not think it comes from the Great God of All That Is? From your Heart? After all, aren’t we all a part of that same Great Energy?”
The fairy along with her friends, listened intently to what he had to say. They stopped eating for a moment.
“If what one has written does not include Love, Joy or Truth, then perhaps it is from another source. We are all messengers for the same truth. It does not matter what belief we are born under, or from which planet we come from, we are still acknowledged and spoken to by the Great One. Each and every one of us. But, because it does not come down bellowing from the sky, people do not believe it is the Great One and ignore what it is telling them…
“His words come through other people, animals, through messages on rocks, through stories and in what the humans call ‘films’. Her messages come through flowers, the birth of another ‘nuttle’, and,” he said, even more sincerely looked at Florrel and Mally Gum and then at Sky, “through pictures in clouds.”
Sky blushed and smiled at the same time. An overwhelming feeling filled her. Goosebumps rose on her arms again and she knew she had been on the right track all this time. And that felt good.
“So you see, we can all be guided by the Great Energy and Her messages, if we choose to see them. As all of you here know, synchronicity always holds a message for us. We must always know that the messages, the answers to our questions, are already there within us. Even before we ask!”
“That is so true!” Said Sky with wide eyes. “My grandma taught me how to create the things I desire. She said ‘If there is something you would like but don’t have the money, just genuinely thank the universe for it in advance, and it will come to you, somehow.’ And it does! And the more I take notice of the synchronicities and messages around me, the more they happen! It gives me confirmation that I’m on the right track!” Sky looked at the Freds with appreciation. “Thankyou.”
“God has chosen the right child for the mission,” Stated the Fred, “but you will need help from Merlin to be sure that the magic you use is strong enough to penetrate the human logical mind. It is only possible if the veil of logic can be peeled away from the human psyche, to reveal the truth of what is really happening in their world.”
“But doesn’t Merlin live in the South of France?” Said Florrel, becoming more confident.
“Yes indeed he does.” Said the Fred, “and he is expecting you to arrive in three days. It is the same day as the World Leader Summit. He has a potion that you will mix with the tea. This will strengthen the magic ten-fold and will ensure its results.
“Therefore, you must see him before you go to the gathering of world leaders. The potions must be mixed in, and the thought intent, which must accompany it, should be one of Unconditional Love and Divine Purpose. We do not choose to change the path of the world for selfish reasons. The truths that shall come forth from this event shall ultimately change the way humans think to a far more positive and a more advanced level of vibration.
“This will open their eyes and their hearts to the wonders that are really there for them. Once they see this, there will be no reason to fight over material things. They will not need money. And they will make sure that the starving are fed and the homeless are sheltered and that everyone has their dignity. This will be a landmark in the spiritual progress of human kind. Only then, when their weapons exist no more, and they stand alongside their women and their neighbours in peace and in balance with each other, can they truly say that they are an intelligent species.”
This statement from the white haired Fred came as a profound realisation to all those present. They all ate heartily but quietly as they thought about what the Fred had said to them.
Elm and Yellow Flower, Malley and Coral, and Sky all slowly prepared to leave the great Hall of Records.
Yellow Flower closed the book of Nutlidge and thanked the old Freds for their assistance.
“We know your journey’s success is already assured, have total trust in your intuition at all times,” said the white haired Fred to Sky. “And, may we assist you in returning to your tree house?” He added, looking enquiringly at Yellow Flower.
“Yes, that would be most appreciated. Thank you.” Replied Yellow Flower, and she gathered them all up to prepare for transportation back to her garden.
Sky had one more thing to say and stepped forward,
“Thank you.” She said looking at the Freds, but mainly at the Fred with the white hair.
“Thank you.” he replied somewhat bowing at her. Their gaze met for another moment and then the Freds all said “Farewell!” and the small group disappeared in a flash of white sparkling crystal light.


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