Nutlidge ~ Chapter Fourteen

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Fourteen

Teachers and Tyrants

Back at home, Fran was feeling restless. Her son was at his mates for the night, so she had gotten stuck into doing Sky’s dance outfit and had finished it. It was hanging on the cupboard. It was a typical looking ballet dress with a longer skirt, for Sky’s solo act. She was sure she’d like it.
She made herself a cup of tea, walked around, and sat down playing with her hair. She got up even before she had taken a sip, and grabbed the phone. She dialled Jen’s number first, because she missed her friend a lot and longed to see her but there was no answer, so she dialled her mother’s number.
The phone rang a few times and then answered. It was Beverly. “Good Evening. Lawson residence.”
“Hi Bev, it’s Fran here…”
“Fran dear, how are you?”
“Good, good thanks. Look is Mum still up and about?”
“Yes I think so dear. She and Sky were having dinner in the cottage. I think they’re still there. Do you want me to fetch her for you?”
“No, no. It’s all right. It’s nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m just lost when the kids aren’t here. Baize has gone to his mates and I cancelled my trip to Adelaide, so I’m kind of bored I guess!”
“Oh yes, I remember having those feelings when my three boys left home. It’s like an empty space isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is an empty feeling.”
“Well why don’t you come out. Maybe you could catch them while they’re out there. I’m sure they won’t be back in for a while yet.”
Fran thought for a moment. She had only been there two days ago. It might seem silly rocking up at this hour of the night.
“Oh, no, don’t worry Bev. I’ll have an early night I think.”
“Well dear, you know where everything is if you change your mind.” Said Beverly warmly.
“Thanks Bev.” Fran replied, still in two minds, “You never know, you might see me in the morning!”
“Okay dear. I’ll leave a note for your mother to say you called, and I’ll make up the bed in the guest room just in case.”
“Goodnight Fran.”
“Goodnight.” Fran put the receiver down. She didn’t know whether to go out there or not, but she took a sip of her tea, tipped it down the sink and grabbed her bag and keys.
Driving down the highway, Fran listened to the eight o’clock news. She didn’t take much notice of the most of it, but one news flash caught her attention.
“And now for the international news update,” said the newsreader, “More on the change of venue for the World Leader Summit….” It was now to be held in Canberra, in Australia, instead of France. The reason being that the weather there had been so cold and they were suffering snow storms which had immobilized the airport and most of the transport through out the country. “The talks will be broadcast on satellite around the world from Parliament house in Canberra, and the topics of discussions will cover terrorism, nuclear disarmament and world heritage issues…” Fran opened the window. It was a lovely night.
“More on the Bali bombing now, with seven suspects being caught and many funerals taking place in Bali, and around Australia. The death rate is estimated at be…”
Fran switched it off. She was sick of the whole situation. There was enough going on in the world with natural disasters! Who needed this sort of thing in their reality? “Idiots.” She said, as she drove on, “and they call monkeys primitive!” She added, trying to think of something else. It usually took her about an hour to get to her mother’s, so she popped in a CD and got relaxed for the drive.

Meanwhile, Lord Nutwood was talking with his partner Lady Acacia, about the situation happening around them.
“I am surprised that she has been able to affect the tree to the degree she did.” He said, shaking his head. “The energies around the planet must be so stressed, so angry. All that negativity going around the planet like a net! Don’t they realise the damage they’re doing to themselves and their planet?”
Acacia took his hand and said gently, “My dear sweet Nutwood. You can only do so much. It is like the Masters and Angels, they can help so much, and then it is ultimately up to the Humans to change their old ways. Don’t let the negative creep into your thoughts. You are more powerful than this.”
“Well I suppose that’s what I’m talking about my love. I feel quite overwhelmed by this energy. The world has been put into fear mode by a handful of individuals who insist on trying to rule this planet and its inhabitants! It’s preposterous!”
“You know we don’t generally judge things Nutwood. They have their own choices to make. They can choose to fight or they can choose to be at peace with each other.”
“Yes but Acacia, it will take a lot of work to change their behavior. It stems from their belief system. It’s all fear based, the whole lot of it. Why can’t they see how it could be? Why can’t they see the truth?”
“Because they look outside of themselves for the truth, instead if inside where the truth lies… You told me that Nutwood. You know why they are at this stage of their journey.”
“But it is affecting our world. There must be something more we can do.”
“Oh my darling, we are doing the one thing we do best and that is to love them, all of them. It is the strongest power. It is the only power. It is all there is. The Creator Herself told us. Did He not? You are beginning to take on the logic Nutwood, don’t let it rule you. You know the answer to all of these questions.”
“I think I will join them at the Federation of Nature Spirits. Do you feel like coming with me?”
“No it’s fine. I am happy to stay here and keep an eye on things. There needs to be someone folk can come to while this is going on. I think it’s best.”
“Very well then. I might just go up and have an early night. It’s been a long day…. Would you care to join me my dear?”
Acacia came close to him and kissed his woody lips.
“That would be lovely.” She said and they walked upstairs to their bedroom, with their tails entwined behind them.

Down in a tunnel under the gigantic tree, hobbled a dirty black scraggly Podsinia. She had gained enough energy to get herself around slowly. Her long root-like nose sniffed out water coming from the end of this tunnel. A glint from the distant light flickered in her evil eyes. She was back! It seemed like only yesterday that she reared her ugly head and threatened the whole existence of the tree and it’s folk.
She rubbed her bony hands together, thinking of her plan, “Just you try and stop me…” She said wickedly and her last word turned into a deep chuckle from the mouth with one tooth on the bottom gum.
Eventually she dragged her wrecked body to the water. There in the under caves of the tree were springs and waterfalls. Many of the trees folk would often come here to cool off and relax. It was a beautiful place, the water was clear in areas and white and misty where the water fell and swirled around. Steam rose from the far distant baths, and ferns and moss grew around the area covering the floor like a soft carpet. Tiny flowers were scattered and frogs roamed under rocks. Moonlight was streaming in through a far corner crevice, just enough to light the place up.
Podsinia walked around to the springs. There were waterfalls there also, but they were warmer. She walked straight into the water and went under. Coming up under the waterfall she washed herself of all the mud and clay that hung off her.
Once she was clean she sat on the edge of the rock to dry off. She was still tired, and lay down to rest some more.

Meanwhile, back in the music room, in the old dollhouse, Sky’s Pavlova was being handed around for dessert; it was a sensation. Everyone was so comfortable.
Constance made everyone a cup of tea and talked to Florrel on herbs.
Elm was discussing the current changes in the World Leader Summit. “It has changed from France to Canberra, due to weather so I hear! I just thought I might be able to…help a little? Anyway…” He said under his breath, “It has been brought forward, which means our plans need checking.”
“Brought forward?” asked Yellow Flower. “But we are meant to catch up with Merlin, how are we going do all these things in time?”
“My dear, I may be old and clumsy, but I’m sure we can manage to do what is necessary in two days. It doesn’t take that long to transport oneself around the globe. What I haven’t done though, is contact Merlin. He’s been away working with the other Masters to raise the vibrations of the earth. I’ve sent him ‘thought mail’, let’s see if he gets it.”
“He might even call in and save us a trip.” Added Yellow Flower, and popped another spoonful of Pavlova into her mouth.
“Well I’m not sure about that, he tends to be a home body generally speaking, and doesn’t venture any further than he has to. However, he does tremendous work for humanity, along with all the other Ascended Masters.”
“Have you met any of the Masters Elm?” asked Sky.
“Oh yes indeed! Many of them! They, as we are, a reflection of the Great Spirit! We all have the potential to be like them, and to create what ever we choose to create. Sometimes we do this all the time without realising it, with our thoughts. The power to levitate, move inanimate objects and walk on water! It is only disbelief that stops us from achieving the things we are naturally capable of doing.”
Lobes had been quietly sitting in between Elm and Edward, not saying much, just taking in the atmosphere of the gathering. He was actually a very intelligent and powerful little wizard, but did not like to show his teacher up. So he kept quiet, and simply observed.
“Wow that’s amazing!” Said Grace. “I’ve always been interested in all these things. I have done quite a lot of healing and clairvoyance in my life. My mother taught me, you know. She first told me to see the healing light come down from the universe, through the top of my head and down through my hands. She taught me that I could heal the world with this energy.”
“Well Grace, in a sense you have been a huge part of the coming healing. If you had not have given birth to Sky’s mother, we would not have this brave young girl here attempting to change the course of the human race. And a fine job she will do too!”
Sky blushed and took another sip of her drink.
Dusty was playing with Coral, who was beginning to feel very tired. She had helped clean several homes and was really quite exhausted. Florrel was engrossed in a conversation with Constance and Edward was listening intently to Elm as was Malley, Grace and Sky.
Coral excused herself and headed up to the bedroom next to Curley’s room. After Elm had talked a little more of the Ascended Masters that he knew, Grace and Sky went to have a look around the house and Yellow Flower tagged along too. The men continued their chat and sipped on a nice drop of port that Edward had pulled from the drinks cabinet.

Meanwhile, Fran was flying down the highway in her Jaguar, trying to decide how to surprise Grace and Sky. Suddenly she saw a red utility on the side of the road that had broken down. The guy who owned it was standing there with his thumb out trying to get some help. This time of night in the middle of nowhere wasn’t a good time to break down. Fran decided to stop and help out. The man’s name was Jack and lived in the next town. He had run out of petrol, and was very grateful for the lift.
Jack was tall, with dark unruly hair peppered with grey that made him look distinguished. He wore a T-shirt hugging his broad shoulders and the latest Levi jeans. He looked only slightly older than Fran, around forty, and had a great smile. Fran took an instant like to him, as he did for her.
She suddenly felt as though she already ‘knew’ him from somewhere, but couldn’t place it. He felt familiar somehow.
“So, didn’t quite make it hey?” She said. “Isn’t it a pain when that happens!”
“Oh… Not really.” He said, looking at her thinking that if he hadn’t have run out of petrol, he may not have met her. She looked at him and saw he was smiling at her and she smiled back. ‘Wow!’ She thought, ‘he’s kind of cute!’
They got to the next town, and instead of buying petrol straight away; he offered to buy her a drink for her trouble. So they headed to the local tavern for dinner to get more acquainted.

The party in the dollhouse went until the early hours of the morning, with music and laughter coming from the music room. It finally came to a close with everyone retiring one by one, getting ready for bed in their beautiful rooms. Elm and Lobes transported themselves home and promised to see them first thing in the morning at the Centre.
They all said good night, and retired to their beds, happy in thought about the day’s events.
Once all was quiet, Sky turned out most of the lights, and used a candle to see her way around. She got into her four-poster bed, snuggled down and fell fast asleep, with flashes of the day passing through her tired mind.


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