Nutlidge ~ Chapter Sixteen

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Sixteen

Merlin the Magician

Fran got out of bed bearing a sore head, and went straight for the water in the kitchen. It was already 10am and she could hear someone rustling around in the shed. She put her head around the door and it was of course Baize, looking for something.
“Morning.” She said softly.
He looked around to see a very tired Fran in the doorway.
“Ah! Sleeping beauty finally woke up!” He joked, obviously in good spirits, “You had a late one by the looks. You might want to go back and try that beauty sleep again?” He said, with a huge grin on his face and moved a couple of boxes full of stuff.
“Well thank you.” She said half smiling and half squinting from the bright light in the shed. “And what is it you are looking for?”
“Ah, the percussion stuff we have here. Maddy took some yesterday and the girls tried it out and it sounded really cool! We even got to practice longer!”
“Well that’s great! I think you’ll find them in the cupboard over there in the corner.” She said, watching him while leaning on the doorframe. “So it sounded good huh?”
“Yeah! Excellent! Turns out Cheryl can sing too! So we have her practicing a few songs with Monica.”
“Wow! That’s great Baize! See! I knew you could turn things around,” said his mum, full of faith in her son.
“Yeah, I guess there’s always a better way.” He replied.
“Well,.. I might try that beauty sleep again and see if I can make it work this time.”
“Cool. I won’t be too loud, and thanks for helping me find the stuff.”
“No worries. I’ve got a visitor coming later, so I’ll be up and about in a couple of hours …”
“Okay. Um… Anyone I know?” He said curiously.
“Mmm. You’ll just have to wait and find out!” She said cheerily and shut the door. Baize kept looking for other useful things shaking his head and smiling at his mother. ‘I bet she’s finally met someone.’ He thought and smiled his approval.

Meanwhile, back at the Palace, Malley and Nutwood were telling Acacia about the speaker and all the people that turned up for the gathering.
Elm was pacing the floor, in a hurry to leave for France.
Acacia insisted that they ate something before they went and made them sit down at the table while she fixed them something nourishing. It didn’t take her long, and she came back with rolled up geranium leaves stuffed with salad, cashews and a lovely sauce to finish it off. They ate heartily and downed plenty of water. “Are you ready Sky?” Asked Yellow Flower.
“Yes, I am.”
“Elm, we’re ready when you are. We’ll be back soon.” She said firmly, and waved both arms around, letting glitter flow from her hands. They vanished leaving Malley, Acacia, Nutwood and Lobes to contemplate what they were doing next.
“I must go and see if the girls need help in the store. They were going to make up a whole new batch of teas. A lot of them got spilt when the tree shook. So I’ll catch you all later.” Said Malley.
“Yes, we will speak before the World Leader Summit tomorrow. Goodbye for now.” Replied Nutwood.
“Goodbye Nutwood, Lady Acacia, and Lobes.” He said and walked from the hall.
The three travellers arrived in France almost immediately. As Merlin had said, it was early hours of the morning. Only one bird was making any noise though, all the others were still asleep. It was freezing cold and snow laid heavily everywhere.
A barn owl hooted as it sat up high on the branch of a huge knotted interwoven oak tree, covered with moss and mushrooms. It totally dwarfed the three as they stood amongst its massive roots.
“Where are we?” Asked Sky, suddenly feeling a little disorientated and very cold. She didn’t mind admitting that she was a little scared also. This was Merlin they were visiting! Was he a wizard, magician, sorcerer or a Druid? Sky had been discussing this with her friend the other day.
Elm had been here before, and knew just where to turn up. There in the crevice of the roots they were standing in between, was a large wooden oval door with a peep hatch.
Elm led them to the entrance and pulled the jewelled handle that was hanging from thin air by the door. They heard a loud bell ringing upstairs. A few moments later the door swung open, by itself it would seem. A black cat walked back and forth in the doorway, eyeing them off curiously.
“Thank you.” Said Elm to the cat, and they walked inside the massive tree trunk.
Inside the tower like structure was a large round room with a staircase cut into the wall. Large pictures hung in ancient hexagonal frames, windows that could only see out, were carved into the walls also hosting thick hand carved windowsills. These were stacked with candlesticks and half burned candles, crystals, books and odds and ends.
A fireplace was lit and roaring. It threw out more than enough heat to keep the whole tower warm. There was a large round red rug on the floor, which was embossed with all the alchemy symbols in gold matching the fringe on the edge. A messy desk was near one window and a large bookshelf was on the other side crammed with books and more odds and ends. It was a strange sensation being in this place. Doors and things seemed to be moving all the time, yet they weren’t. Or were they? One funny round shaped window with beautiful patterns around it took Sky’s attention more than anything. It looked like one of the crop circles she had seen on the Internet at school.
Cautiously she walked over to the round window and looked through. Her eyebrows rose up in wonder. There out the window was an aerial view of the loveliest crop circle she had seen. It was an image of what she took to be the Earth, with two dolphins swimming around it in opposite ways. She studied the scenery and wondered how it could be showing daylight when it was dark outside. She moved closer to the window, her hand about to press against it when it kept going! She nearly fell through it, but stopped herself just in time.
Elm moved swiftly over to her,
“Sky, steady…” He said gently. “Are you alright?”
Sky took a deep breath. “Wow!” She said, shaking her head. “That would have been like falling from the sky!” She placed her hand on her chest for a second time, feeling her heart go faster than ever.
“Yes it would have, and you’re lucky you didn’t keep going! That isn’t even Earth, although the same crop circle has appeared in England. That is a vortex to other planets that are the recipients of crop circles. This particular planet is at the same spiritual and material level as Earth.”
“You mean there are other planets out there that have humans?”
“Well, of course! There are literally thousands upon thousands of life forms out there in our universe. Not all of them in ‘human’ or ‘physical’ form I might add. But still existing within their own realms or dimensions. There are quite a few who visit Earth on a regular basis you know. Do you remember what Dame Melaleuca White said at the Nature Spirits Gathering? Well, it’s true! Your governments have been trying to cover up the contacts they have had.
“Now the life forms, or Extraterrestrials, which is what humans refer to them as, are communicating through other sources such as people not involved with government departments. Just average men and women, who record the messages and make them available to many people who are also searching for the truth. Crop circles are another way that other life forms choose to pass on incredibly intricate but profound messages. They not only affect people visually, but they are so perfect in every aspect, that they also send out music that resonates at a soul level, and our souls read it and hear it and quietly rejoice at the return of the original vibrational and geometrical connections to our Being.”
Sky was absolutely fascinated. She was fairly in touch with these miracles in wheat fields and knew their meanings were important to human kind.
“Is this the latest one?” She said, looking through the window at the dolphins and the sphere.
“Yes I believe it is.” Replied Elm, studying it for a moment and then moving so Yellow Flower could see it properly.
A voice came from above in a deep baritone, “Greetings. Please make your way up the staircase.”
Elm led the way.
“I wish I could fly up these!” Said Sky, who didn’t particularly like stairs. All of a sudden, she rose from the steps and found that she was indeed floating. She opened her arms out and flew up the stair well!
Elm and Yellow Flower laughed and Yellow Flower took off, flying close behind her, up the very long spiral stairway.
“Oh! Right! Well I’m not one to be left behind!” Said Elm, and he lifted an arm up and off he went, flying up the long wooden staircase after them. After their wild flight up the stairs, the three came to the top and came out into a huge hall! It seemed much bigger than what the tree seemed, but then you had to expect strange things in Merlin’s abode.
“Greetings my friends!” He bellowed. He was seated on a throne-like chair reading a book with his feet up. He had on a purple velvet dressing gown and warm wizard hat with diamond and gem stars all over it and curly toed slippers.
His long hair and beard covered most of it. He was sitting in his favourite chair with his feet on a floating cushion, by his huge desk which spilt over with paper scrolls, quills, ink pots, cards, and more candles.
The walls were lined with bookshelves full of books and a large platform in the middle that had a large oak table and his cauldron. Various bottles and jars were spread around the table along with spilt herbs, jars of frogs’ legs and spiders, newt eyes and stardust. More shelving was jam-packed with jars full of ingredients.
The room walls went up to a peak that was made of glass and under it hung a glass tube that glowed. A huge crystal ball sat on a table near a window and radiated a purple colour, and the black cat rubbed itself on its stand. On yet another large oak table was huge leather bound book of spells.
“Come in, Come in!” Said Merlin. “Have a seat.” He produced for them right there and then three seats the same as his. There was also a small table that floated for drinks.
He got up and held Elm’s hand in his own for a moment while saying, “Elm my friend, it’s been a long time.”
“Merlin. It is good to see you again. May I introduce my friends Yellow Flower and Sky?”
“Hello Merlin. It is a pleasure.” Said Yellow Flower, holding his hand for a moment and feeling quite overwhelmed.
“The pleasure is all mine.” He replied, staring into her eyes before turning to greet Sky.
“So, this is the brave young human. I am honoured to meet you Sky.” He held her hand also for a moment while she said a nervous, “Hello Merlin” and went bright red, as he now looked deep into her eyes. It was as if he could read a person instantly, and was kind if creepy.
“Ah yes!” He said, “I see you have been on this earth plane many times. And a few other planets I see. Please, sit down. I have no doubt that you will be able to do the task that is needed of you Sky. No doubt, at all.”
Sky was still feeling a bit uneasy. All the things she had heard about Merlin weren’t always good, but she put those thoughts from her mind and allowed the real experience of Merlin to sink in.
“Thank you for helping us with the needed potion Merlin. We would not be able to do this with out your assistance.” Said Yellow Flower in the chair opposite him.
“Well young fairy, it is my pleasure!” Chuckled Merlin, “I have been trying to do something about the human behaviour patterns for a while now, but I think this is brilliant! And while I think of it, here is the potion you will need to make the tea much stronger than what it is. Whatever drinks they are consuming and we will assume it is tea and coffee during this important summit, you must get the Honestea and this potion in at the same time. You cannot mix it prior to the time of doing it. It must be mixed on the spot. A little time consuming perhaps but worth the effort.” He gave Yellow Flower the bottle of potion, which was red coloured. “One drop of this to each cup, with one spoon of crushed Honestea. Here is the spoon you must measure the tea from,” and he gave the spoon to Sky. It was more like a mini funnel without a hole and it was made of copper.
“There are a few questions I have to ask.” Said Sky nervously.
“Fire away!” Said Merlin happily.
“Well, how am I going to get this in their tea and coffee without them seeing me? How am I getting to Canberra, I’m only ten, and…” she looked around with a slightly distressed manner… “is there anyone coming with me?”
Elm and Yellow Flower suddenly realised that they hadn’t had a chance to fill Sky in on what they had planned. She had been showing her grandmother around when they were discussing it in the doll’s house the night before.
“Oh don’t worry about a thing!” Said Elm, coming to her rescue. “Yellow Flower and I will be getting you there and coming with you, and we have asked several other fairies to help because they can fly and because they cannot be seen.”
“I have some Invisibilitea for you Sky,” added Yellow Flower, “but it doesn’t last as long as the others. You’ll have to take some extra with you in case you become visible at the wrong time.”
“Yes, yes,” agreed Elm, “and you will be your normal size while you are doing this, otherwise you won’t reach the cups will you!” He chuckled and stroked his beard.
“I would say they have it all planned perfectly for you Sky, so that there will be no interruptions. I will also be keeping an eye on you through my crystal ball in case anything should go wrong.”
“You won’t be on your own Sky. I will be there with you the whole time.” Said Yellow Flower, touching her shoulder comfortingly.
“Are you still happy to do this young lady?” Asked Merlin, looking at her over his half moon reading glasses. “You must only do this if it feels right to you. Now be honest with yourself. What do you feel?” Said the great wizard gently.
His black cat leaned against her leg as it walked slowly past. She thought about her mother and brother and the city of Nutlidge and all that she had experienced. “I feel fine,” she said genuinely. “If you two are going with me, I am more than happy to go through with this.” She smiled, feeling more confident about the whole thing.
“Excellent!” Said Merlin. “Now we shall have drinks!” He clapped his hand twice and a tray of magical drinks appeared on the table. They looked like glasses full of tiny colourful lights. It sparkled and a yellow mist flowed from it.


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