Nutlidge ~ Chapter Seventeen

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Seventeen

Truths Unfold

“That looks delicious Merlin. What may it be for?” Asked Yellow Flower.
“Well, I thought we could do with some previews of what is happening. I have made a drink for you all to join me in finding out what the world leaders are up to. Perhaps we can be one step ahead of them, and they would all be settled into their hotel rooms by now. Would you like to join me in a little peek?” Merlin had a half smile on his face as he picked up his glass mug and held it up to them.
“Yes!” Said Yellow Flower, “I’ll be in that!”
“My word! Count me in!” Said Elm, chuckling at the thought of it.
Sky looked at her three companions and at the drink and said, “I guess I may as well come too!”
They all downed the drink feeling the tingle go down their spines. Before they knew it, they were all floating above the chairs, Sky making a slight squealing noise as she rose. Merlin clicked his fingers and they disappeared once more.
In Canberra, at mid-afternoon in a Hyatt suite near the top floor, sat two American men sharing a bottle of scotch. It turned out to be Willy Weed and his Military General, Shogun Powers.
Their four invisible guests were standing on the other side of the large sitting room.
“Well, y’know I gave them a warning two years ago.” Said Willy, continuing his conversation in his Texan drawl. “I told ’em, I’d make the world think they were our enemies if they didn’t make some firm arrangements with th’ oil in our favour after giving them all those weapons, I’d come after ’em. Too bad the Twins had to go. I mean, it had to look like it was them and goddamn it was brilliant! They know who the greatest power in the world is, and it’s gonna stay that way.”
“Yes sir, Willy!’ Said the drunk General. “We have the whole world believing in this terror thing. They’re so damn gullible!” He laughed a disgusting drunk laugh and took another sip of his scotch.
“Well the thing is to keep the fear up.” Slurred Willy. The Bali project showed Tom Coward I wasn’t kidding when I told him I am serious about my plans. I can’t have him thinking I’m full of crap now can I? The religions are weakening. They don’t have the same hold on people as they did. But instead of an angry God to deal with, they have the constant threat of terror. It’s the only way we can keep total control of people! It’s for their own good! We can’t have people thinkin’ for themselves now!”
They both chuckled and took another sip of their drinks.
“Well I have to say you got control of most of the worlds oil supplies, the weather, and with a little more chemical trailing, the people will be too sick to worry about who’s in charge. The Moon Mission is in its 5th year now and all is ready to accommodate our families and us if worst comes to worst. How is ol’ Sad Man anyhow, I ain’t seen him for a while now.” Said Shogun.
“Oh he’s good! I spoke with him th’other day. He said the plan is going well, and that the media is fooling them all over there! Ha! Gawd, they’re all so stupid! It’s too easy! I need more of a challenge. Still havin’ the media doin’ the right thing by us will keep the fear going.”
“Well they don’t have much choice do they?” Laughed Shogun pouring himself another drink. Willy laughed with him looking all too confident.
Sky was horrified! She thought of Baize and Tommo and the other guys. So it was the Weed regime! They’ve had the wool pulled over everyone’s eyes all along!
“Well, the next thing o’course is the oil fields Down Under. Y’know the people here don’t even know they have one! So, there’s no need for them to know! I’m in talks with Tom Coward about this. We are coming to some arrangements slowly. It’s taking time though; he wants to hold onto it.”
“Ah! I’m sure we can persuade him to think our way sir, with a little encouragement.” And he pulled a gun from its holster.
“Well, we’re ‘gunna invite him to Bohemian Grove. That’ll wet his appetite in the right way! Once he takes th’ oath, he’s ours. He’ll have no choice but to do as we say! The Freemasons still rule after all!” He chuckled loudly again. “And the dreams of our forefathers are finally coming about and Lucifer is mighty pleased!!”
“Well we can’t risk them finding out.” Added the General. “Afterall, they have to believe we’re doin’ Gods work!!”
“Absolutely! Absolutely my man!” Said Willy, and skulled the glass of scotch. “We need to keep these countries believin’ that their master is their God. With these military threats, they feel obligated to us. If they don’t go with us, then we’ll make them the enemy, and take the oil anyway!”
They both laughed together over their manipulation methods and two more glasses of scotch were poured.
“Well it’s been a bumper year for us sir, what with total control of the drugs on the streets of America. The CIA are raking it in, and with the extra two billion this month, we’ll get that military base in the Northern Territory yet.”
The President got up and walked over to the window overlooking Canberra, with his scotch in hand. “God damn! It’s a rich country out there! And with the right persuasive tackles, it will be ours for the taking. No problem!” He sneered. “They’re all asleep over here. But it is the challenge I’ve been looking for. ”
“Well you’ve done a good job taking over where your father left off Willy. It’s the only way to keep the millions of sheep in control.”
“Yeah, well, bein’ in the Fremasons makes it possible, they swung it for me at the last election. It’s amazing what a few million bucks can achieve!”
The two men laughed at this wholeheartedly and filled up their glasses once more.

Elm, Sky and Yellow Flower had seen enough. They were all disgusted with what they had heard. Merlin clicked his fingers and they were in another room. This one was fancier than the last.
This time, a French man was lunching out on his balcony talking with his advisor. They spoke in French of course, but the four could understand what they were saying, to Sky’s surprise.
“Ah! There is nothing to worry about! They have no say in it anyway. The nuclear testing is in a useless area. No one will miss the fish there. The islands are of no concern to us. If we keep feeding their military with weapons, they will allow us to keep testing! It does not matter!”
“Yes, but the people are beginning to complain. Many letters are being received from their public asking us to stop. There will be problems if this carries on.” Said his advisor.
“No matter!” Waved the president, shrugging the issue off. “Letters can be burned. Our testing is more important than the livelihood of a foreign country. Don’t ever forget it! We intend to lead the world’s nuclear technology. We will beat the Americans yet! But you know it is important that the world does not know about our involvement with Sad Man Insane and Sin Bin Ladder. What ever happens, the approaching war really must not happen. It is imperative that we show ourselves to be against this conflict! In fact, ring Marcel and ask him what time the press conference is tomorrow. I want to make sure I am there on time.”
They continued eating and sipped on their champagne. Sky was saddened by what she heard. She had thought the French were doing the right thing, but apparently not.
Merlin clicked his fingers again. This time they were in yet another hotel room. Three Asian men were having lunch. They were from Korea.
“It is our turn,” Said one man sipping his coffee. “They have had control long enough! I am sick of the threats that keep coming from Weed. He thinks he owns the planet!”
“Over his dead body!” Laughed another.
“Hey, wait ‘till they hear about our new nuclear plans! They will surely get angry!” Said the fat one.
“Good!” Said the first one. “I don’t have any qualms about wiping them out first up!”
Again Merlin clicked his fingers and this time they turned up in Government House, in Tom Coward’s office.
“Sir,” said the secretary of the defence force, “how much longer are we going to be puppets on Weeds string?”
“Well, they are a powerful nation. I want to do right by our people, but there is too much at risk. If I don’t let them have the oil, they will come and take it anyway by force. I don’t want to put good people through this sort of thing… I just don’t know what to do about this.”
“But sir, you are being cornered by several overseas’ governments. Surely there must be something we can do to protect Australia, without the threat of sending more young men to war? This is not our way. They are forcing us to be a part of their terror campaign to get control.”
Tom Coward stared into space knowing full well he had the fate of the public in his hands and they were being pulled along by the same unfair principle. It was becoming more and more like America every day. He knew that many of the politicians were crooked, and many of them weren’t of course, like his secretary here, who was more for discussions than war at any time. But he was not a saint either; he had done deals also with other countries to suit his military needs. Coward sat and kept staring into the endless sky feeling like a heel. He wished for a moment that the floor would swallow him up. He guessed it served himself right if they did take it away. He was weak. He was in fear like most people had been since the Terror attacks.
Yellow Flower, Merlin, Elm and Sky all looked at each other before Merlin clicked his fingers again. This time they were in a hospital ward in a private room. There was Tommo laid up with two legs in plaster, broken arm, his head bandaged up and the rest of his body which was covered in a wet cloth was badly burned.
He was still unconscious. Sky suddenly went from feeling disgusted to sorry, and thought how his poor mother must be feeling and the rest of his family and friends. And this went on because of oil and greed and the passion to have everything, even if it meant the destruction of Mother Earth.
Merlin again, clicked his fingers, this time they looked into one of the politician’s homes and saw the extravagant way they lived. Then to the streets of Kings Cross, where homeless kids and adults were living in the slums and living in cardboard boxes. ‘How incredibly sad.’ She thought and shook her head slightly. Merlin knew she had seen enough. He clapped his hands twice and they appeared inside his tower again, sitting in their chairs.
Sky looked sadly at the others. She didn’t know what to say at first. Tears were in her eyes and she fought to hold them back
“I am sorry to have rushed you through so much information at once Sky. But you see what they are creating? If something is not done soon, we will lose so much.”
Sky nodded. “I understand now. I didn’t realise that the governments had so much control over their people. Why can’t those kids be given homes to go to?”
“There are many things that one can ask why. They have been asking why for decades, but they fail to actually do something about it.” Replied Merlin.
“Humanity is in the throws of great change. All of the systems that govern the people are beginning to have less and less hold on them. People are beginning to think for themselves after being led for so long by someone else’s laws, or doctrines, heaven knows there’s hundreds out there! People need something to believe in, so they go trying all these religions out and get told not to do this, not to do that, and if you do, watch out! And magic! Well! They have a lot to say about magic, and crystals and anything in fact that will encourage your own thoughts and feelings to come through! Oh no! They would lose control because of that.”
Elm made a good point also, “Well, Merlin, tell Sky what we have been discovering more and more of lately.”
“Oh yes, the discoveries that some remarkable humans have invented that are being hidden or kept under wraps for the purpose of keeping production going.”
“What to you mean?” Asked Sky.
“Well, for a start, your cars could run on water and vegetable oil, even hydrogen. Your people wouldn’t get so sick if they just drank enough water! It is the cause of an endless list of ailments including depression! Look at the life of a pot plant if you forget to water it! But they don’t tell you this. They make you go to the doctor to get pills, and you all just keep going back because you believe that you need them. And so you do!
“The amounts of cancer remedies that have come out throughout the years are fantastic! Many and varied, but with all good results and far less expensive, yet they keep them from you because they will lose business. But instead of disrupting the huge drug corporations and finding another way to heal people, they keep the charade going! Tell all of your friends and family that all one needs is a bottle of colloidal silver in their pantry! This is and has been a cure all for centuries!
“Do you know it is only in the last twenty years that western society has begun to accept natural healing alternatives, such as massage, herbs and essences, and hands on healing? Yet the ancient cultures have always used these methods. It’s chemical free and all natural. They have also treated the Earth better than the white man ever has. Shame on them for destroying so may magnificent cultures instead of accepting them, then learning the better ways from them.”
Sky knew what he was saying there because her mother had strong views about what had happened to the Native Americans and all of their tribes. She nodded her head.
“I have to admit,” he went on to say, “I have been guilty of burning many trees and forests in my long history here on Earth. I was young and naïve and played on the wrong side of the mirror! But I learned that we cannot sustain life on earth if there are no trees!”
He paused just for a moment before saying, “Well now Sky, you have taken a lot in for such a young mind. But you are not a young soul. You have come back into this life to do this. It is your destiny.”
“I know.” She said. “Thank you for showing me what is really going on out there. Now I fully understand why something like this must be done.”
“The other thing you must be aware of is Podsinia. She is well and gaining power as we speak. Once she finds out you are the major link to the plan, she will come after you. After last time, I wouldn’t imagine her letting anything stop her this time from getting complete power. Once the truth is out there, the energies will escalate, due to the anger in people finding out they have been duped for so long! But, as the new governments settle in, the energy will change dramatically, and Podsinia will find it hard to stay alive on this plane. Then we have overcome our situation.”
“There will be new governments?” Asked Sky thinking what a huge thing that would be.
“Oh yes! The public will finally realise, and they will demand that their next governments be chosen from the wisest, not the wealthiest. Many things will change. Mark my words! And, on this note, hot chocolate for my guests before they depart.” He said. Four more goblets appeared on the floating table, ready for them all to drink.
“I need to do a few things tomorrow before the Summit the day after. So, I shall be seeing you!” Merlin said. “Don’t forget to call me if you need an extra hand over there.” They all got up and said their goodbyes and prepared to leave.
Merlin placed his hand over Sky’s crystal and said, “If you are ever in doubt my young friend, you can always call me. Don’t be afraid.”
Sky took his hand and thanked him.
“I’ll do my best,” she said. “This world needs to be told the truth, and I guess someone’s got to do it! It might just as well be me!” She smiled excitedly.

When they got back to the tree, it was suggested that Sky go home and catch up on sleep and to spend time with her grandmother Grace. Sky didn’t argue. She was tired. Very tired.
“We shall see you here around sunrise then Sky? Is that okay?” Asked Yellow Flower, playing with her young friend’s hair a little like a sister would.
“Yes that’s fine! I think I will have had enough sleep by then.”
“Oh Sky, one more thing,” she said, before throwing fairy dust over her. “Try not to eat any meat, it will stop the Invisibilitea from working properly, okay?”
“Okay! I can do that!” Said the young girl nodding, and she gave Yellow Flower a hug and Elm too, who got all embarrassed about it and made an excuse that he had to leave in a hurry. He was gone before they knew it!
Yellow Flower used her magic to send Sky into the cottage and back to her normal size. She looked around, hardly believing that they’d had a party in there the night before. She stretched and then walked out the door, and back towards the house. It seemed like a long walk. She didn’t stop to say hello. She just walked on through and climbed into bed, fairy dress, wings and all and fell into a deep sleep.


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