Nutlidge ~ Chapter Twenty Three….

Nutlidge ~ Chapter Twenty Three….


Edward and Constance appeared suddenly to join in the festivities, making them all even merrier, and so, Sky decided she shouldn’t go home just yet. Yellow Flower helped her to send word by Raven, and Grace received the message not long after.
The Kurrajong Band entertained them and the Butterfly Ballet danced to the Bug Quartet. The Figtree Gnomes were the comedy relief, making everyone laugh until the tears were rolling down their cheeks.
The fairy colonies were all there from the fairy glen and had all dressed themselves up to celebrate, and their fairy children were fluttering around above the crowds from sheer excitement!
Curley insisted Sky have a dance with him, so off she went to jiggle away at the music, which was just wonderful.
Sky got a huge surprise when Raven came back with Grace riding between his wings. How fantastic she felt!
Grace’s face was that of a young girl excited, speechless and wind blown all in one go!
Malley and Elm helped Grace off the Raven to her feet. She gathered herself up and looked into the crowd. It was unbelievable, but real! All the stories of her childhood came to life and here she was in amongst this magical world! And with her night attire on! Fortunately it looked elegant and one only needed to add wings to remember how it used to be…

Sky was over the moon when she saw her grandma. They hugged, both holding back the tears of joy in their hearts.

The celebrations went on well into the night along with speeches, fabulous music and more food. Everyone there had an extremely exhilarating time, dancing the night away.
Clearly, it was one of the happiest and most memorable nights Nutlidge had seen for quite a while.

Here my friends, is where we leave them. But do not see it as the end of a miraculous day, but the beginning of a new and even more exciting journey in the wonderful world that is Nutlidge!


One comment on “Nutlidge ~ Chapter Twenty Three….

  1. Hello to those who have read Nutlidge. I really hope you liked the story..

    I published this book in 2005, with no marketing skills at all..! Didn’t do so well because I didn’t know a thing.
    But this project is actually 30 years in the making… thats when I began making Nutleys.

    But I am going to publish it as an EBook, … just deciding who to do it through.
    If you liked it enough to let people know, thats fantastic.
    My Ultimate goal is to see it on the big screen….. I believe the animation technology these days would create a blockbuster!

    So do let me know if you got goose bumps or anything won’t you! Lol!

    Cause I read it as I was posting it, after a long time, and I enjoyed it,

    After so long, you do forget what you have written.

    Thankyou for taking the time to read Nutlidge. I hope it inspired you in some way.

    Much Love to all,

    Mary Jane Bayliss x

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