Enchanted Cottage

Come and have a coffee with a reading     

Come and have a coffee and sit in an inspiring space.



Come and enjoy a casual coffee in the grden and brows the beautiful art and gifts available to you.

I have been enjoying the gardening lately, all the rain has made the garden sing!.

I have Light catchers in all lengths. From small 10cm lengths up to and over a meter.

They come in all colours and styles according to your taste and decor.

There are well over 100 to chose from!

Light catchers are not just for windows. You can place them along the veranda, hang them in a tree, on a wall, in a corner. The ones in the sunshine will throw rainbows all over the place and brighten up anyone’s day.

They are the perfect gift, for specials occasions, with a lasting memory from you. They are looked at and admired every day, and are popular for birthdays, anniversaries, get well gifts, baby showers and thank you’s and just about everyone loves them.

Share a rainbow today!



Nutlidge dot com pic

Newly made light Catchers


Head to my Shop Now.








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