Some of the other dreams I have had that have been in the same places, are parts of my old high school, the assembly or concert hall. The old shop and house I grew up in, particularly the shop and the hill just up from it that led to the post office.
My mother worked as a telephonist, as well as running the general store with dad. Quite often one of us would take her some lunch, or dinner whilst she worked and sit there with her for a while if she wasn’t busy.
So this became a regular thing in my life, this hill, and of course it led to other areas of the town.
But I had many dreams when I was younger of trudging up that steep little hill just so I could run down it and take off flying! I would fly around the shops and wave to people I knew. Then down to the river, where I would follow the water, sometimes playing with it along the way. It was a sensational feeling. And over a few years I became very good at it.
I did quite a bit of bar work in my 20s, and for some reason it made an impression on my mind, because there is this tavern …..

Now over the years, amongst other wonderful dreams, I have been dreaming about all these places. They are always different scenarios, but the same place. And the beach, well it has been a regular thing in my dreams, and over a period of time it came to be not far from this tavern. The tavern was joined to a big old hotel with the weirdest entrances and stairwells. The school, as it turns out, wasn’t far from that with the concert hall amongst it.
There was always something going on in the hall. Concert practice, Music shows, important meetings etc., and I was always late. The tavern, is just a small bar with another room for meals, but this sometimes extended into the hotel. I was supposed to be working there, but I very rarely did. I was too busy socializing!
It was about 7 years ago, that my real life went financially downhill and I lost so much weight. I was extremely thin and unwell. I packed the rental, put everything into storage and we headed to our home town in another state. I needed my family around me.
We were there in my home town for 3 years, and in that time the dreamtown began to form and I began to go there in my sleep every night. I still do, to this day!
It is quite a big town now and I do have a car, and I live on a property on the outskirts!

To be continued…

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