Dreams are tricky aren’t they? Familiar faces that can’t be remembered the next day on waking. The Tavern is one of those places that this would happen often. I would spend a whole ‘episode’ with someone who I knew; I could remember the whole thing the next day, except who that person was! So frustrating!
I also see people from my past that I don’t see anymore, and the ‘atmosphere’ in the room is how I would imagine it to be if I saw them in real life. So I have wondered many times if this town is like a place where I sort out unresolved issues Lol!
I quite often go down that post office hill in my dream, and I’m usually walking. And it is night… I look through the window at the old family shop. And I go past the door and it’s ajar… so who can’t resist that, and I go in and look around in the dark. Its set up the same as it was when I was a kid, and I go straight to the chocolate shelves… I pick a chocolate bar, this time, a Flake and I slowly walk out and shut the door behind me. It’s an eerie feeling standing in that shop. It’s always dark and after hours, and I never see anyone in there. And the pubs next door are dark and silent too. But I was on my way to find my car.
It seems that I hardly ever have the car in the right place at the right time. The town, although it is quite big, I do walk places, but also I fly. It’s much faster after all, so I move horizontally about 4 feet off the ground. Most of the time it is so easy and I just love it. If I come across an open space, I just stretch out my arms and my hands control my lift and direction. I love going as high as I can, I use the space and fly like a bird, doing spins as I go, flying upright. It is the most incredible feeling being able to control this. I have had some fantastic times, and I will tell you about one I just remembered.

I was attending a party in a house in the town and I was getting bored. I felt light and was kind of bouncing slowly on the spot, lifting up about a foot each time. There were so many people in the room, I needed air.
I made my way out and found an open patio area which opened up to a huge garden. I lifted myself up and began to fly around the large patio freely and then out into the yard where I took off up over the trees and then down to an open space with forest either side. I picked up speed and when I reached a dead-end I flew around and headed back. I flew as fast as I could until I got back near the garden and flew back into the patio area, and hovered up near the roof. I was overlooking the people mingling outside and enjoying the music. Some were watching me and we all smiled and I waved, and they waved back commenting amongst themselves about what I was doing.

Then I noticed two other people on the other side of the patio area, hovering at the same height. A stunning woman, about my height, 5’6 with dark brown hair to the shoulders and a white jump suit on, and a guy, handsome, dark blonde, wearing the same jumpsuit, and they were waving me over. They both had flat comfortable shoes and a round badge on their left upper chest. I approached them and we all hovered together.
They introduced themselves as helpers and they said they were there because they had noticed that I was particularly keen on flying and they thought I could do with a few tips. They were very friendly and we had a laugh or two about some of my past near misses, and the times I couldn’t get off the ground. The woman told me to breathe more deeply before I lift myself up off the ground. We all took off and flew around together. When we stopped I asked him what makes us fly, and he told me that it was helium that was lifting us and helping us to fly. He followed up by saying that the air was changing to helium, and that soon everyone will be able to fly. We are changing from a carbon based earth and atmosphere to a crystalline one. And helium is part of the new air.
I spent quite some time with them and then they had to go. Their names were as clear as day, until I woke up! I’m sure they were either angels, or extraterrestrials on a mission.

These are more than dreams and im quite sure I have this town in the astral, or in another dimension.

If you are living an alternative life in your dreams, let me know.  I wonder how many around the world are having similar experiences.

More to come soon,




Some of the other dreams I have had that have been in the same places, are parts of my old high school, the assembly or concert hall. The old shop and house I grew up in, particularly the shop and the hill just up from it that led to the post office.
My mother worked as a telephonist, as well as running the general store with dad. Quite often one of us would take her some lunch, or dinner whilst she worked and sit there with her for a while if she wasn’t busy.
So this became a regular thing in my life, this hill, and of course it led to other areas of the town.
But I had many dreams when I was younger of trudging up that steep little hill just so I could run down it and take off flying! I would fly around the shops and wave to people I knew. Then down to the river, where I would follow the water, sometimes playing with it along the way. It was a sensational feeling. And over a few years I became very good at it.
I did quite a bit of bar work in my 20s, and for some reason it made an impression on my mind, because there is this tavern …..

Now over the years, amongst other wonderful dreams, I have been dreaming about all these places. They are always different scenarios, but the same place. And the beach, well it has been a regular thing in my dreams, and over a period of time it came to be not far from this tavern. The tavern was joined to a big old hotel with the weirdest entrances and stairwells. The school, as it turns out, wasn’t far from that with the concert hall amongst it.
There was always something going on in the hall. Concert practice, Music shows, important meetings etc., and I was always late. The tavern, is just a small bar with another room for meals, but this sometimes extended into the hotel. I was supposed to be working there, but I very rarely did. I was too busy socializing!
It was about 7 years ago, that my real life went financially downhill and I lost so much weight. I was extremely thin and unwell. I packed the rental, put everything into storage and we headed to our home town in another state. I needed my family around me.
We were there in my home town for 3 years, and in that time the dreamtown began to form and I began to go there in my sleep every night. I still do, to this day!
It is quite a big town now and I do have a car, and I live on a property on the outskirts!

To be continued…

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Lets Stir Things Up A Little!

I will call this, Dreamtown

Ok, so I’ve thrown a few things on here, but really my idea was to blog, so I thought I’d find a new WP ‘theme’, that is hopefully more suitable. Maybe I’ll try a few! See how I feel. I thought I’d throw myself in the deep end and bring up a totally new subject.

For the last five years, my nightly dreaming isn’t what it used to be. Every night, right from childhood, my dreams were filled with wild adventures of all kinds, including flying,…. a lot!

My dreams are in colour and memorable mostly. And if I could remember details more, I could have written many books. But 5 years ago, my dreams began to change. And it is only recently, that I have traced the beginnings to this dream reality to some 20 years ago. It began with a door in my sister’s house.
My oldest sister and her family lived on a sheep station for 30 years. Many memories are archived from that time of packing for the weekend, traveling two or three hours to get there, dirt roads, family gatherings, wood fires and tennis matches, lots of fun and family. And my sisters unbelievably good company and food! The arbour – tree planting, weekends where fabulous.

Anyway, I began to have the odd dream about this beautiful old house. It was a big, and had a long hallway with one long carpet runner, which took feature in so many of my dreams there. It was like the hallway was a portal of sorts.
Walking down this hall in my dream, I would walk into one of the familiar rooms only to find a completely a new theme. The time frames of the themes in these rooms differed, in that I would walk into what was the spare room, and I actually stepped into a classy 1920s black and gold coffee-room. I LOVE the 20′s styles, and began to scan the room. The floor tiles were big black and white squares. It had 2 levels with the table and chairs on a higher platform. The table had a polished brass stand and a black onyx stone polished top. The chairs were brass with black leather cushioning. Rounded arm rests. On the table was a bottle of perfume in a crystal cut bottle. It had a silk ball attached that you squeezed to spray the perfume. I sat down in a chair for a while and imagined what it would have been like living the high life back then.
Next to that were several hair combs, of black beads, flowers and sequins. A headband of sequins also lay on the table. It was just like I was there in the 20′s. Everything in the room was black and gold. Even the hair brush, made of black polished wood, was classy. There were crystal cut wine glassed on the black and glass/brass drinks cabinet. A black onyx framed mirror and French doors that would have opened to a manicured patio.
Anyhow, these dreams were happening often. One night I walked into a bedroom, it was only half the size and it was burned out. The fire in there had consumed a cot and I could smell the ashes of the ruined items in the room. I felt sadness, and left the room quickly, walking back into the hall, to find it old, with cobwebs and dust everywhere, peeled wallpaper and rubbish laying around. It looked like no one had been there for years. This led to what I knew as the bathroom door at the end of the hallway.

I went to open that door, but changed my mind, having no idea what might be behind it. I felt the fear. My own fear.
My regular visits through this old house were entertaining to say the least. And I would nearly always walk up to that door and look at it. There was something about it that scared me but I had no idea what it was.
Years went by and one night after a weird walk through the house, with a bat flying precariously up and down that hall…, I was ducking to avoid a collision and ended up in front of that damn door again! The bat was large and gave me the chills, as I stood looking at that mysterious door. My curiosity finally gave in and I grabbed the door handle and pushed it open. It needed a bit of a push; there was soil and debris on the other side stopping it from opening easily.
The opening made way to an old garden path. There was a garden of green lush bushes and eucalyptus gum trees. I followed the path in this strange garden and noticed some coins on the ground. 20c pieces. I noticed there were quite a few of them to the edge of the path, some half buried. Then I noticed a glint of what looked like crystal, so I stooped down again and began to dig it out. It was a small crystal cut perfume bottle, so gorgeous! I saw there was another one and 6 of them I took out of the hard soil. I was in my element, I love fossicking! The path took me quite way down this long garden and I began to notice crystals lying around.
I followed the path to an opening and there was the most beautiful beach, just down the slope a little and there were clusters of crystals everywhere! Even in the water, like rock pools. I spent what seemed a very long time looking around finding some amazing crystals, of all types. I couldn’t believe it! It made me feel so good that I took a runner and took off flying low to the ground. I headed out over the water, touching it with my hand. I wasn’t able to get any higher so I headed back to shore and revelled in my new fossicking treasure trove.
I had no idea at the time, that this dream, this beach and everything to do with it, was involved in my future dream adventures….

Mmmmmm, I need a coffee…..
Stay tuned, it gets even better!


…and I apologize for my spelling mistakes, I’m in too much of a hurry!


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