Hey There,

and welcome to the new readers who have found this story.

Joe and Tanner, I hope you enjoy the Nutlidge journey.

Funny isn’t is, whilst posting the chapters, I have been reading it, and its been a while since I read it from cover to cover.

And I am enjoying it very much! I am looking forward to chapter Fourteen…!!   I can’t remember everything I wrote when I did write the book. But it was a magical journey writing it, including things that would happen around me and around the world as I wrote the pages.

It was so powerful, that I wouldn’t be surprised, if one day, this little magical Aussie book is going to help make a profound impact on the world.

So please pass it around folks. And maybe, just maybe, the right publisher will take note of the interest in this story.

The publishing area as a career is not the easiest I must say, but it doesn’t take the pleasure out of a good book.

When you get a book published, its only then that you see the mistakes, or things you perhaps, should have left out.

However, it can always be improved upon.

My biggest goal or dream, is to see this book Animated and on the big screen!

I don’t know if its good enough to get there, so I can only keep going, like J.K.Rolling…

Someone eventually took her stories seriously. Her work is so inspiring!

Anyway, Enjoy the magic!

Cheers! Mary x


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